The professionals making wearables part of the dress code

How business leaders are pushing wearable technology into the mainstream

February 1, 2017

Wearable Tech

The world’s professionals are driving the adoption of wearable technology as part of daily life. More than a third are heading out to work with devices such as smart watches or fitness trackers as part of their outfit. However, it’s not necessarily hip young millennials that are driving the adoption of wearables in the workplace. The most enthusiastic users of the devices are actually their department directors and VPs.

New research from LinkedIn shows that only 26% of those aged 18-24 use a wearable device on a daily basis. However, this jumps to 37% amongst those aged 25-34 and then leaps again, to 40% amongst those aged 45-54. The seniority level of those adopting wearables provides more evidence that this is a trend led by those in leadership roles. The most likely groups to use a wearable as part of daily life are directors (42%) and VPs (40%), with enthusiasm levels very similar amongst men and women.

In every country in our study, at least 30% of professionals say that they use wearables on a daily basis, demonstrating how rapidly such technologies have entered the mainstream. However, there are big gaps between the most enthusiastic markets and those less convinced by the value that smart watches and fitness trackers can add. In Brazil, in particular, nearly half of all professionals (46%) use a wearable daily. In Hong Kong, it’s 40%, and adoption levels are also significantly higher than average in The Netherlands and the UAE. In the UK and US meanwhile, only 31% of professionals are using wearables regularly.