Your LinkedIn content marketing plan for 2017

We’ve updated the LinkedIn Content Marketing Tactical Plan with the latest tools and tactics for our platform

April 13, 2017

Content Marketing on LinkedIn

Did you know that 80% of B2B marketing leads sourced from social media come from LinkedIn – and that marketers see a 28% lower cost per lead (CPL) with LinkedIn Sponsored Content than they do with Google Adwords?

The importance of LinkedIn to B2B content strategies means that it’s vital to have a plan for making the most of our platform. And it pays to keep that plan updated and capture new opportunities as they emerge. That’s why we’ve created a new edition of our LinkedIn Content Marketing Tactical Plan for 2017. It will help you to prioritise your different LinkedIn marketing activities and drive results as efficiently as possible.

The LinkedIn Content Marketing Tactical Plan is one of the most downloaded pieces of content that we’ve ever launched – and we can understand why. It provides you with a weekly plan that will maximise the value of LinkedIn for your content marketing, in less than three hours a day. For every B2B marketing objective from brand awareness through to lead generation, it suggests the tactics and channels to use, and how to use them as efficiently as possible.

The Tactical Plan isn’t based on theory – it’s rooted in our own experience of testing and optimising content tactics, working out the objectives they are best suited to, and the most efficient and effective ways of leveraging them. We’ve built it using our own experience of driving ROI on LinkedIn.

For our 2017 edition, we’ve updated the Tactical Plan with new sections on getting more value from LinkedIn Sponsored InMail, LinkedIn Text Ads and Conversion Tracking, which gives you a granular view of the quality of leads you are driving – and the content that’s most effective at driving them.

Add this to step-by-step guides for driving ROI from Company and Showcase Pages, Sponsored Content, Publishing on LinkedIn and SlideShare, and you’ve got every tactic you need for driving leads on our platform.

Download the LinkedIn Content Marketing Tactical Plan and you’ll discover:

  • The content that drives most engagement on LinkedIn
  • A weekly action plan and suggested time allocations for each tactic
  • Your printable, 1-page tactical plan, matching content to objectives
  • Our insider content marketing tips

Ready to drive more revenue on LinkedIn? Start applying the LinkedIn Content Marketing Tactical Plan to your business today.