How to transform your LinkedIn campaign effectiveness in just five minutes

From the tell-all pages of Confessions of the LinkedIn Insiders – why five minutes is all the time you need to make a difference on LinkedIn

October 8, 2018

How to transform your LinkedIn campaign effectiveness in just five minutes

Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t achieve anything meaningful in five minutes. In a busy B2B marketing life, that’s often all the spare time that you can find in your schedule. However, five minutes can have a massive effect on the impact of your LinkedIn campaigns and your ability to meet your objectives – provided you know how to use the time.

So what should you do the next time a call finishes early, or the queue for coffee is shorter than usual, or you get back from lunch quicker than expected? As part of our new Confessions of the LinkedIn Insiders eBook, we asked our line-up of campaign managers, content evangelists, agency leaders, and others who know the inner workings of the LinkedIn platform. What do they do when a spare five minutes opens up in their schedules? The answers show that any moment has value to add when it comes to managing and optimising your marketing on LinkedIn:

5 minutes to test your creative options

The number one thing that I would recommend you do with five minutes is to A/B test your copy and image, see what’s working and turn off what isn’t. That’s one of the most overlooked aspects of a LinkedIn campaign and it can have a massive impact.”

Jaime Pham
Content Marketing Evangelist


5 minutes to check that your creative and targeting align

If you have five minutes, I’d use it to review your campaigns and sense-check that you are matching creative and audience in the right way. Use the Campaign Demographics tool in LinkedIn Campaign Manager to get insight on this. You’ll be able to see which types of people you’re reaching and whether your creative is speaking to their particular needs. This can also be really useful for refining your targeting by applying exclusions. If you find you are reaching an audience that’s not relevant you can exclude that specific audience from your targeting.”

Katie Geoghegan
Ex-Campaign Manager


5 minutes to explore campaign performance

It’s well worth spending five minutes just going into Campaign Manager and filtering or sorting all of your campaigns by a metric you care about, whether that’s conversion rates, leads or click-through rate (CTR). Look at your average value for that metric and then look at the campaigns above and below that line. That’s taken just a couple of minutes – so you’ve then got time to ask yourself a few questions: which campaigns do you want to lower the spend on or turn off? Why are the top performers performing as well as they are? Look for similarities, and then you can apply the learnings you generate to campaigns that aren’t performing as well.”

Gaurav Nihalani
LinkedIn Insider

5 minutes to plot progress against your objectives

Take a look at your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and ask if they show you meeting your objective. If the objective is brand awareness, are you serving enough impressions with your campaigns to have the reach you want? For Lead Generation, is your Cost per Lead (CPL) in range and are these leads converting in your sales funnel? Spend five minutes analysing the stats available to you in Campaign Manager and in your CRM system and brainstorm ways to optimise, if necessary.”

Lucas Brun
ex-Campaign Manager

5 minutes to stay on top of everything that matters

I would use those five-minute periods for a range of different things: set up a new A/B test, turn off some of your under-performing ads, reassign budget to your most effective campaigns, considering adjusting campaign bids, and check your conversion tracking.”

Felim McMahon
Online Advertising expert

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