International Women’s Day – how the conversation is growing on LinkedIn

The number of posts on International Women’s Day is up more than 400% in two years. Our Infographic shows the opportunity for brands to #PressForProgress

March 8, 2018

International Women’s Day – how the conversation is growing on LinkedIn

International Women’s Day, which takes place this Thursday, is more than just a celebration of the movement for women’s rights. It’s also an indicator of awareness and interest in gender equality issues – and an opportunity for businesses to take a lead role in the conversation. LinkedIn data shows how the volume of that conversation has reached new levels over the last two years.

The 2017 World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap report recently found that gender parity is over 200 years away. Progress can be frustratingly slow when it comes to female representation in traditionally male-dominated industries, and women taking on leadership roles. However, LinkedIn data shows that progress is being made – and the conversation around International Women’s Day reflects that.

In 2017, there were more than 20,000 updates about International Women’s Day in the LinkedIn feed – posts, videos and articles that originated from more than 15,000 companies. That’s a 58% increase from the year before, and a giant leap of over 400% from 2015. Significantly, just as many men engage with this International Women’s Day content as women. There are few gender barriers when it comes to taking an interest in gender equality as an issue.

Who’s leading the conversation – and who could do more?

Leading the conversation about International Women’s Day delivers clear advantages: it engages key audiences around a timely issue, and strengthens important elements of a business’s own employer brand. At the moment, IT and services businesses are taking most advantage of this opportunity, with staffing and recruitment businesses (for which gender equality at work has obvious resonance) and non-profit organisations also among the most prolific contributors.

Elsewhere though, gaps remain. Businesses in financial services and marketing and advertising remain far more likely to engage with International Women’s Day content than to create it themselves. This is a missed opportunity, given the appetite of audiences across all sectors for engaging with gender equality issues.

Brands from Novartis to AccorHotels, to CGI and Accenture have been early starters in driving the conversation around #IWD2018. If your business is ready to join that conversation, then there are a range of different angles and approaches that can drive engagement: exploring strategies for overcoming unconscious bias, sharing initiatives on mentorship for female leaders or providing a perspective on the experience of women working in your industry.

Use the hashtags #IWD2018 and #PressForProgress to raise the visibility of your contribution on LinkedIn. Let’s make this International Women’s Day another opportunity to accelerate the movement towards gender equality at work.