Music at work – who’s got the groove?

We surveyed 2,000 LinkedIn members to explore which types of professionals listen to music at work – and how they listen

April 11, 2018

Music at work – who’s got the groove?

Music in the workplace is something that almost everybody feels passionate about: whether they believe it’s essential to relaxing, building a sociable environment and being more productive – or whether they think it’s the enemy of concentration and a sign that your mind isn’t the job. When it comes to music at work, feelings can run strongly in both directions.

We’ve always suspected that attitudes to music change depending on the type of business that people work in. Different sectors have different sets of etiquette when it comes to playing music out loud. And different roles within a business lead to different listening habits, whether you’re listening to tunes along with your colleagues – or playing them through earphones to help keep you focused and in the mood.

That’s why we decided to take a closer look at who listens to music at work – and how they listen. We surveyed around 2,000 professionals on LinkedIn to explore which types of businesses are the most likely to play music out loud, and which types of professionals prefer to work to a soundtrack rather than silence.

We’ve captured the key results in our Infographic Music at work: who’s got the groove? Scroll down to find out how the size of business you work in has a big influence on how music-friendly it will be, in which industries you’re most likely to find colleagues humming a tune together – and which professionals prefer to listen privately.

Want to find out more about how music influences the way you work? You’ll find the latest research in this infographic on music and productivity.