Learn How Amazing Storytelling Can Elevate Your Content Marketing

April 4, 2018

Storytelling in Marketing

Gather around, friends, and I shall tell you a tale…

Storytelling has always been a fundamental component of content marketing. One might argue that it’s the fundamental component. Nothing draws someone in, compels them to keep reading, and leaves a lasting impact quite like a good story. It’s just science.

But as we explain in our new eBook, Once Upon a Digital Time, the art of telling stories has transformed with the shift to a crowded digital environment — or at least it needs to. In many cases, this requires a total change in mindset.

It’s not about simply calling ourselves storytellers, or rearranging the same old marketing content into narrative formats. Instead, it is about understanding how customers today think and consume, and how the evolving dynamics of social media, complex audience networks, and dwindling attention shares are raising the bar.

We teamed up with author Brian Solis and the imaginative team at Gapingvoid to bring you this guide to breaking through in a world where 95% of content fails to connect. Through anecdotes, statistics, and illustrations, we’ll demonstrate how marketers can adjust and thrive at a time when information is currency and relevance is the new viral.

Here are a few of the questions you will find unpacked within the pages of How To Be an Amazing Storyteller When Everyone is a “Storyteller”:

  • What are the common pillars of great storytelling?
  • What differentiates a story, a narrative, and an anecdote? Why should I care?
  • How can the practice of storyboarding add more thoughtfulness and intent to my content campaigns?
  • How can I place my audience at the center of a hero’s journey?
  • Which measures of storytelling ROI truly matter when assessing business impact?

In order to move hearts and minds, marketers must discover new ways to engage, entertain, inform, and guide. It’s the same old story, only in a very different setting and with even higher stakes.

Download Once Upon a Digital Time to begin your journey.