Jaime Pham on the techniques top marketers use to drive content ROI

Our Content Marketing Evangelist on the tactics that any campaign can benefit from

January 4, 2019

Emotion in B2B buying: the evidence

Content Marketing Evangelist Jaime Pham spends her best days helping companies to tell their story on LinkedIn – and she has a wealth of experience at her disposal when it comes to doing so. Jaime has spent more than a decade helping content marketers navigate changing digital and social media landscapes – and few people have spent more time studying the strategies that they adopt on our platform. She tracks trends, spots emerging content characteristics, and pays close attention to how different approaches land with LinkedIn audiences.

If you’re one of the marketers who’s been lucky enough to work with Jaime on a Sponsored Content campaign, then you’ll know all about the value of these insights. If not, then this is your chance to plug into the same tips and tactics that have been making a difference for many of the top advertisers on our platform. As part of our Confessions of the LinkedIn Insiders eBook, we put Jaime on the spot about the advice that she most often gives, the common mistakes that she helps clients avoid, and what you really need to create a best-in-class campaign.

What’s the most common piece of advice that you give to marketers advertising on LinkedIn?

“Be an avid consumer of content on the platforms where you’re running campaigns. Pay attention to what stands out and start to assess why it stands out. Marketers find themselves running campaigns in so many places at once that it’s easy to lose sight of this fundamental principle. Being familiar with an environment is the best way to set yourself up for success.”

What do you need to get started?

“The simple answer is that all you need to get started is a few pieces of content, some images, a little bit of copy and a landing page to link to, which you host the content on. Ideally though, you want a bit more than that. I’d recommend having two to four pieces of content active for any campaign that you run. It gives you the ability to A/B test different images, headlines and calls to action. It also works better with LinkedIn’s product frequency caps, which are there to prevent members getting served the same content repeatedly. It means that more of your target audience are likely to see your content.”

What can advertisers do to save money and make budget go further?

“Your targeting strategy can absolutely help to save you money. The more niche or granular you get with your audience, the more likely you are to have to pay more for it. You need to find that balance between the scale to lower cost and the accuracy to get the campaign in front of the right people. If you’re targeting an audience that a lot of companies are going after, like small business owners for example, being creative in how you find them can help tap into an inventory pool that others aren’t using. You can then bid lower for that audience.

If you have a campaign targeting by job title, make sure you also set up campaigns targeting by a combination of function and seniority, and potentially by skills and group membership as well. You can then see which one gives you reach at scale – and also, which one delivers the results you are looking for in terms of engagement or conversions.”

What’s the most common mistake that you see marketers making on LinkedIn?

“The biggest or the most common mistake that I see with LinkedIn campaigns is too much fragmentation. A big company with really complex marketing teams might find itself with forty, fifty or sixty active campaigns at any given time and with some creatives only getting 2000-3000 impressions each. That’s just not a meaningful amount of data for optimising those campaigns. I can't imagine that anybody would want to put time into creating an ad that only generates a couple of thousand impressions.

“My advice is to set up a handful of campaigns for the audience that you’re trying to target, fill them with two to three pieces of content each, optimise after the first few days and then keep an eye on them on a weekly basis. Try to make sure that you’re getting some scale of impressions so that you can have a meaningful amount of data to work with.”

You’ve got a spare five minutes – how can you spend it improving your LinkedIn campaigns?

“The number one thing that I would recommend you do with five minutes is to A/B test your copy and image, see what’s working and turn off what isn’t. That’s one of the most overlooked aspects of a LinkedIn campaign and it can have a massive impact.”

How can marketers get more value from their content on LinkedIn?

“One of the best ways is to make your content available in multiple formats. If you shoot a video, take the transcript of that video and turn it into a blog post – or take the interview that’s part of the video and turn it into a Q&A. You can also take a longer video and break it up into teasers, animated gifs, and more.

A second tip when you’re getting started with content on LinkedIn is to think about the LinkedIn mindset. When you're putting content on LinkedIn, you're putting it into an environment where people are coming for news, industry trends and tips. They're looking for really useful, relevant information that will help them manage their careers or be more successful at their jobs. And if you have content that helps them achieve that goal, that is absolutely the kind of content that belongs on LinkedIn.

The LinkedIn mindset is also aspirational. So, if you have any stories to tell, whether about success or learning from failure, anything that’s inspirational, then that’s a great strand of content to get started with.

Finally, don’t ignore the value of entertaining content on LinkedIn. If you’re creating entertainment for another platform then as long as it’s not completely inappropriate for a professional environment, try putting it up on LinkedIn. There’s a great opportunity for stand-out, and you might be really surprised at the results you get.”

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