On the 12th Day of Christmas, my CMO said to me: What hot topics have I missed this year?

December 12, 2015

Hot marketing topics

Marketers like to stay in the loop – and there’s no better time than the Christmas break to catch up with what the industry’s been talking about during 2015. So to accompany your hot mince pies and bubbling mulled wine, here are the hottest posts from our blog this year. They are the 12 pieces that have generated the highest number of shares on LinkedIn – and between them they give an intriguing snapshot as to where marketers have been focusing their attention in the last 12 months:

Learning from LinkedIn’s Most Influential Brands

Our ranking of the most influential brands on LinkedIn, as measured through the LinkedIn Content Marketing Score, revealed the most influential brands from the UK, France, Germany, Spain and The Netherlands. And by analysing their different strategies, we pulled together a playbook for increasing the effectiveness of content marketing on LinkedIn.

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Lessons from LinkedIn’s Most Engaged Marketers

Once again, the unveiling of the Most Engaged Marketers on LinkedIn was one of our most popular posts of the year. Josh Graff’s post included an Infographic showing the six techniques that helped put them on top. Congratulations to everyone who made our Top Ten.

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Planning the perfect content marketing calendar

It’s the foundation of any effective content marketing strategy. From setting the right frequency to embedding the right content mix and cultivating a range of expert authors, LinkedIn’s Emma Hewage shared some key learnings when it comes to putting a content plan in place.

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Inspiring Slideshares about Creativity

We celebrated the Cannes International Festival of Creativity with this hugely popular post on an issue near the top of any marketer’s agenda: How can I think more creatively (and is there a Slideshare that can help)?

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Marketing & Sales: The perfect match

The need to get marketing and sales working more effectively together has been one of the hottest subjects on our blog this year. This post from Aoife Garvan included a 5-step plan for aligning the two departments.

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Government or competition: Who takes the lead on innovation today?

TNS’s Global Product Development Director, Bob Burgoyne, looked at the different roles of governments and businesses in driving innovation – our most popular guest post of the year.

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5 massively clippable content marketing slides – and why you need to steal them

With contributions from Newscred’s Michael Brenner, Velocity Partner’s Doug Kessler, Joe Pulizzi and Gary Vaynerchuk, we used Slideshare’s new Clipping feature to put together the ultimate 5-slide presentation on content marketing.

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Lessons from Europe’s most influential luxury brands

Jennifer Brett revealed the most influential luxury brands in Europe – and the content strategies behind their success.

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What one Silicon Valley insider wants you to know about 2016

The key tech and media trends for the year ahead – from former Yahoo! board member and business strategist Michael Wolf.

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The Brand Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn

This post from Gearoid Buckley presented the ultimate guide to building and managing brand awareness on LinkedIn.

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Sales vs Marketing complaints – and how to start resolving them

Nico Cappiello’s round-up of the most common points of contention between sales and marketing, along with useful strategies for a more productive working relationship.

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Winning with Affluent Millennials

They represent one of the most important emerging audiences for finance brands – and they have very different needs to the rest of their generation. Laura Collins presented our in-depth research into Affluent Millennials.

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