The 5 most over-used B2B marketing stock photos revealed

Your choice of the most over-used stock images in B2B marketing

September 2, 2016

Last week we asked you to help identify the most over-used stock photos in B2B marketing – and judging from your response there’s an awful lot of B2B stock image fatigue out there. Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote on the shot that you’re most sick of seeing. Now it’s time to reveal the results.

From our initial selection of 15 over-used B2B marketing images, here’s the top five you picked out as needing to be sent to that great lightbox in the sky – the stock photos that marketers most need to avoid.

Drum roll please… in descending order:

The 5th most over-used stock photo is…

The Minority Report Interface

As we suspected – those magically floating graphics appearing wherever a power-suited professional points are starting to look very dated. This was the most over-used B2B stock image in the view of 7% of you.

The 4th most over-used stock photo is…

The Idea

Time to scrub out those chalk-drawn light bulbs and come up with a way of showing innovation that’s a bit more, well… innovative. This was the choice of 8% of you.

The 3rd most over-used stock photo is…

The Target

One in ten of you would happily never see another arrow sticking in another bullseye. We agree.

The 2nd most over-used stock photo is…

The Roadsign to the Future

It looms meaningfully across forward-looking PowerPoint presentations, reports and blog posts and seems to appear almost everywhere during November and December. However 17% of you want a future free of this stock image.

And the most over-used B2B marketing stock photo of all is…

The Handshake

A clear winner, with 26% of the vote, it’s the most obvious stock image of all – and therefore the shot with least value to add to any piece of content. Let’s have no more firm handshakes between disembodied arms clad in smart grey suits and cufflinks.

Searching for ideas to replace over-used and generic stock photography? How about starting with a photoshoot with your own marketing team. It’s a great way to generate original imagery that expresses something authentic about the culture and values of your business. Just don’t be tempted to zoom in on two of your team shaking hands!

Thanks again to everyone who took part in our poll. We had a lot of fun putting it together – and we hope you enjoyed it too.