6 things we’ve learned on the way to quadrupling marketing effectiveness on LinkedIn

Join us for our Live Webcast exploring the 6 steps to B2B marketing success

May 10, 2016

As someone who works in LinkedIn’s marketing team, I’m often asked how we use our own platform to achieve our marketing objectives. It’s been a question that I’ve been able to give very useful answers to recently – because in the last year, we’ve managed to quadruple the effectiveness of the campaigns we run on LinkedIn.

Those campaigns have featured a mix of Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail and Display Ads – and they’ve all had one thing in common. If I had to sum up our approach in one phrase it would be something like: ‘Test. Measure. Optimise. …And optimise again’. On May 18th at 2pm BST, we’ll be hosting a special webcast, 6 steps to B2B marketing success on LinkedIn, to explain how we launch, test and measure our campaigns.

Based on our experience, we’ve developed a 6-step approach to planning, managing and optimising your LinkedIn campaigns that ensures you make the most of every opportunity to improve effectiveness:

Step 1: Choose your objective carefully

We’ll explain why it helps to differentiate between objectives at different stages of the customer journey, and how the way we use LinkedIn marketing solutions varies according to the objectives we have.

Step 2: Match targeting strategy to objective

LinkedIn targeting is immensely powerful – and it’s at its best when you match it to the particular objectives of your campaign. In the webcast, we’ll look at some campaigns that have made imaginative use of LinkedIn targeting to drive fantastic results. Remember – you can test your approach to targeting in the same way that you test your approach to creative. 

Step 3: Align your content and creative with targeting

Consistently delivering the right content for your chosen audiences is the key to increasing engagement rates, and driving more leads and conversions further down the funnel. In the webcast, we’ll explore the most effective strategies for aligning your content with your targeting, maintaining a healthy flow of original content, and making the most of the content assets within your organisation.

Step 4: Embrace testing

Testing has become our mantra at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. We’ve learned to leverage the potential that our platform has for A/B testing to try different versions of content and creative – and optimise around those that work best. 

Step 5: Measure, measure, measure

Measurement doesn’t stop once you’ve conducted tests and optimised your approach around what works. By being clear about your objectives from the outset, you’ll have clearly defined what success looks like, and which KPIs are the most important barometers of how you’re doing. Keep a close eye on the metrics that matter and you’ll be able to take action quickly if campaigns show signs of underperforming. In the webcast, we’ll explore some of the most important metrics for different campaign objectives.

Step 6: Keep testing

Key to always-on success is optimsation - it can be tempting to assume that, once you’ve run a successful campaign on LinkedIn, you can simply apply the same creative approach going forward. However, attention is a moving target – and the rules of engagement will keep changing with your audience’s shifting habits (as more of them access LinkedIn through mobiles, for example). Equally, you can’t expect the same tactics that work for one group to be equally effective if you adjust your targeting to focus on another. For all of these reasons we’ve found that mixing up your approach, and continuing to test and optimise, is the key to earning attention time and time again.

We’ll be exploring each of the 6 steps to B2B marketing success on LinkedIn followed by a live Q&A session: click here to register for the webcast and book your place