Why it’s time to rethink demand generation

Four techniques for changing the demand generation game

January 14, 2016

Demand generation is a growing challenge for B2B marketers. Your performance is often measured in leads and conversions, but with a fast-evolving buying journey, your approach needs to start far higher up the funnel. The fact is, if you haven’t started to rethink demand generation, then you’re probably not doing enough to generate demand.

Search and email remain key drivers of demand generation, but both suffer from crucial flaws. Search only tends to reach prospects who are actively signalling their buying intent in the later stages of the purchase journey. Email campaigns that rely on capturing data from prospects are similarly limited. That shrinks the pool of prospects that you are dealing with – and the chances are that those you do reach are being engaged far too late for you to influence their decisions.

Are you fishing in a demand generation puddle?

Let’s consider some sobering stats for traditional demand generation strategies: 95% of website visitors leave without leaving an email address, which means the vast majority of people who show some interest in your solutions are lost to an email-based demand generation programme; of the 5% that do leave an email address, 80% leave their marketing-related emails unopened, cutting your chances of success further still. Now let’s consider that many buyers are 90% of the way through their decision journey before they start to reach out to a sales department. Up to this point, simply finding your website in search results isn’t going to be enough to prompt them to contact you. You need to do more.

When the cards are stacked against you, change the game

When the cards are stacked against you, the only thing to do is to start playing the game differently. Fortunately, there are more and more options available to demand generation marketers when it comes to doing so. When you move beyond simple email and search you not only get to engage prospects earlier in the decision process, you engage far more of them as well.

The Demand Generation Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn Marketing Solutions is a guide to rethinking demand generation. In it, you’ll find detailed thinking on strategies and tactics that can extend your influence throughout the funnel and actively nurture prospects from the first stages of awareness through to conversion. Specifically, you’ll find four new tools and techniques capable of redefining what demand generation can do for your business:

  • Targeted display and social advertising to seed early demand
  • Tailored retargeting that profiles anonymous visitors to your website and brings them into your demand generation programme
  • Targeted content delivery that engages audiences when they first start informing themselves about your sector
  • Integrating different channels for a more complete nurturing strategy, building on everything you’ve learned from your email database

Don’t wait to rethink demand generation. Make a start by downloading the Demand Generation Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.