3 Instant Wins to help you get started with marketing on LinkedIn

Here’s a quick taste of the Top Tips we’ll be sharing in our webcast this Thursday

October 3, 2017

The Top Tips for Getting Results from Marketing on LinkedIn

A highly effective LinkedIn campaign doesn’t have to involve months of planning or big creative budgets. Leveraging existing assets and tried and tested engagement techniques can deliver spectacular results even when you have minimal time and resource. That’s why it’s often easier to get started with LinkedIn marketing than many B2B marketers realise.

This Thursday 5 October 2017 at 11am BST, I’ll be co-presenting an insider webcast with LinkedIn’s Content Marketing Evangelist Jaime Pham. We’ll reveal the quick wins that can help to drive speedy results and ROI on our platform – and which LinkedIn’s own marketing team uses all the time.

Join us for Top Tips for Great Marketing Results on LinkedIn, and in just one hour, we’ll give you all of the insight you need to improve your effectiveness – and generate more ROI from marketing investments you’ve already made.

For a quick flavour of what to expect, here are three Instant Wins that any B2B marketer should be using to unlock more value on LinkedIn. We’ll be exploring a range of further tips and tactics in the Top Tips for Great Marketing Results on LinkedIn webcast:

Instant Win Number 1:
Turn your top tweets into Sponsored Content

It’s likely that your top-performing tweets will already have the characteristics of successful Sponsored Content: concise, attention-grabbing, and often with a compelling image attached. In our webcast, we’ll explore how you can quickly remix your existing branded tweets to generate new levels of engagement on LinkedIn.

Instant Win Number 2:
Use your search marketing keywords for Skills-based targeting

When you’ve invested time and resource in researching the most relevant search keywords for your business, it makes sense to generate as much value from them as possible. LinkedIn provides a great opportunity to do so. Start typing your keywords into the Skills targeting box within LinkedIn Campaign Manager, and our interface will quickly provide you with suggestions for relevant skills you can target on LinkedIn. Before you know it, you’ll have identified a highly relevant target audience. We’ll explore how to get great value from this quick win during our webcast.

Instant Win Number 3:
Utilise your subscriber database

If you’ve been busy building a subscriber database for your newsletter or blog then you have another valuable asset to use in your LinkedIn targeting. With LinkedIn Matched Audiences, you can upload your email database as a customised audience segment on LinkedIn, meaning that you can reach opted-in audiences across a range of different LinkedIn touchpoints and maximise engagement and sharing on our platform.

There are plenty more quick wins and top tips where these came from. Click here to book your place on Top Tips for Great Marketing Results on LinkedIn, and we’ll take you through them all. It would be great to see you there.