Introducing the LinkedIn Masterclass Series

Want practical advice for better B2B marketing on LinkedIn? Our Masterclass workshops are just what you need:

July 25, 2017

LinkedIn Masterclasses

What’s the best way to get better at B2B marketing on LinkedIn? It’s hard to beat quality time comparing notes with other marketers about the challenges they’ve overcome and the opportunities they’ve unlocked. It’s even better to do so with LinkedIn experts on hand to offer tips, advice, and hands-on demonstrations. That’s what our new Masterclass series of tailored, practical, face-to-face workshops provides.

Whatever your marketing objective on LinkedIn, and whatever your level of confidence with our platform, we’ve got a Masterclass that can help you move forward. From how to use LinkedIn for lead generation, to how to buy LinkedIn Ads programmatically and how to use LinkedIn Campaign Manager, give us an hour of your time and we’ll give you everything you need to know.

The LinkedIn Masterclass Series will be running at our London offices throughout the next two months – and is open to all of our LinkedIn Marketing Solutions customers. Attendance is absolutely free. We’re hosting several different editions of our most popular Masterclasses so that it’s easy to find a workshop that fits your diary. Each Masterclass starts with breakfast and networking at 8.30am with a full one-hour session from 9am to 10am.

Visit our LinkedIn Masterclass Series homepage to see the full schedule and choose from the following hands-on LinkedIn workshops:

LinkedIn for Lead Generation
Running on 28 July, 17 August and 8 September
Learn how to use LinkedIn for lead generation, with the stories of businesses like Bynder, which slashed its Cost per Lead (CPL) using LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, and TIAS Business School, which tailored its LinkedIn targeting to increase lead quality. We’ll walk through how to use LinkedIn’s new Matched Audiences features for more effective targeting, how to transform lead quantity and quality with Lead Gen Forms, and how to trigger a response by targeting the right content at the right prospects.

Programmatic on LinkedIn
Running on 3 August and 22 September
Our experts will be on hand to explain the different ways that you can buy display ads programmatically on LinkedIn. We’ll explain how to use open and private auctions, and how adding LinkedIn to your programmatic buys can address issues of viewability and ad fraud.

LinkedIn Audience Insights
Running on 11 August
Everything you need to know to identify and target your most relevant audiences on LinkedIn, with insight on the content that different groups engage with.

Ad Ops Lab
Running on 24 August
An interactive, classroom event explaining how to use the LinkedIn Campaign Manager tool. This Masterclass includes a run-down of the latest Campaign Manager features, top tips for more effective campaign set-ups and an interactive section where we help to optimise your campaigns in real-time.

Getting Started with LinkedIn Advertising
Running on 1 September
A special Masterclass for those just getting started with advertising on LinkedIn. We’ll cover the different advertising and buying options, specs and formats, and top tips for crafting more effective campaigns.

Social Leadership
Running on 15 September
Specially tailored to business and marketing leaders, this Masterclass explores the art of building an influential personal brand on LinkedIn. We’ll look at how social leaders can leverage their influence for a broad range of business and marketing objectives.

Content Marketing
Running on 29 September
An in-depth Masterclass revealing the characteristics of the most successful content on LinkedIn. We’ll lay out a clear tactical plan for leveraging Sponsored Content, self-published posts, Sponsored InMail, Company Pages and SlideShare, for more effective B2B content marketing.

On the Masterclass Series homepage you can register for the specific Masterclass courses you are most interested in – and choose the workshops that best suit your schedule. It takes just a few clicks to start the journey towards more effective B2B marketing on LinkedIn. We’d love to see you in class.