Snapshot from a B2B Marketing Land Down Under

Our Infographic of the Week shows how B2B marketers in Australia view their priorities – and what others could maybe learn from them

August 29, 2018

Snapshot from a B2B Marketing Land Down Under

It’s easy to assume that B2B marketing is the same the world over: the same challenges and opportunities, the same objectives for marketers to focus on, the same tactics and techniques for achieving them. As somebody who’s spent quite a bit of time getting to grips with the practicalities of managing a content marketing strategy across borders, I know this isn’t always the case. I’m always interested in any insight that shows the different roles that content plays in different markets. Our Infographic of the Week this week does exactly that for Australia. It’s been created by the B2B marketing consultancy Green Hat and the research agency ADMA, it’s concise, focused and clear – and as a result, it gives you an instant impression of the experience of B2B marketers on the other side of the world. We can see the priorities, the frustrations, and perhaps most interestingly, the direction in which they see B2B marketing moving:

Some of the themes in this infographic will feel familiar to B2B marketers in EMEA and elsewhere. ROI remains a challenge – both for B2B content and for B2B marketing more generally. In Australia, 52% of B2B marketers say they are struggling with ROI, and the 2018 Marketing, Measurement and Attribution survey from Demand Gen Report shows the same issue in the United States as well. In that study, 59% say their B2B marketing measurement needs improvement.

Content is a top area of investment for B2B marketers in Australia as elsewhere, and when it comes to priorities, few would disagree with lead generation and lead nurturing topping the list. However, there are signs of subtle differences too.

In both the US and Europe, B2B marketers are being encouraged to focus greater attention to the lower reaches of the funnel – and the rate at which leads go on to convert into revenue. The Demand Gen Report study found that Closed/Won Deals is now a key metric for 48% of marketers, second only to MQLs on 55%.

Lower funnel metrics don’t appear amongst the Green Hat Infographic’s priorities for B2B marketers in Australia in quite the same way. Instead, there’s a real commitment to improving customer experiences through content throughout the customer journey. This is one of the areas that B2B marketers generally acknowledge as a weakness (45% don’t measure marketing initiatives in the middle of the funnel at all, according to Demand Gen Report, and 48% struggle to track the impact and influence of marketing between different buyer stages).

In Australia though, detailed tracking of the customer journey seems to have been a higher priority for longer, as does tailoring B2B content marketing to fit the different touchpoints that it involves. Optimising the customer experience ranks in the top three priorities in this infographic, and while 95% still recognise this as a challenge, almost half have already taken significant steps towards meeting it, with 48% having undertaken customer journey mapping.

Account-based marketing (ABM) isn’t specifically mentioned on this Infographic – but separate research from Green Hat suggests that 46% of B2B marketers have already invested in it. That’s likely to put Australia ahead of many other markets (search data suggests relatively lower interest in Europe and the Demand Gen Report found that only 20% have solid measurement plans in place for ABM in the US). As marketers worldwide take greater interest in tailoring personalised content to the needs of specific types of accounts, Australia’s focus on content-led customer experiences is something any B2B marketer can take a lead from.