The programmatic jargon buster – what the ad tech terms really mean

The Hipsters Guide to Programmatic is the phrasebook you need for a stroll on the cutting edge of ad tech

December 21, 2016

Programmatic Guide

The ad tech industry may be young – but it’s had plenty of time to hatch more than its fair share of jargon, jive talk, alphabetty spaghetti and generally confusing lingo. What does programmatic mean? What’s an SSP and how does it differ from a DMP? What different types of programmatic auctions are there? Fortunately for anyone left a bit bewildered by programmatic terminology, the answers are all right here.

It’s a lot easier to make smart, strategic decisions about programmatic when you can translate what the ad tech industry is saying into the language most marketers speak. The Hipsters Guide to Programmatic is designed to help you do exactly that. We’ve decoded all of the most important concepts surrounding the automated buying and selling of ads – so you can talk the talk like a cutting-edge programmatic hipster, and leverage automation in a way that makes sense to you.

The Hipsters Guide isn’t just a jargon buster though. We’ve picked out the stats that show the shape of the programmatic landscape and, just as importantly, the direction it’s headed in. Scroll down – and enjoy!

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