Could yours be the most influential media agency voice?

August 14, 2015

Media agencies are undergoing seismic change: new platforms, new forms of content, new programmatic capabilities and new patterns of consumer behaviour. It makes the industry hugely exciting – and it also makes it hungry for new thinking and ideas.

On LinkedIn, those ideas could come from you. We’re launching the Agency Publisher of the Year Award to recognise the most influential voices in the media agency world. And we want you to publish long-form content that shapes the industry agenda whilst building your reputation – and that of your agency. In Europe, media agency professionals in United Kingdom, The Netherlands and United Arab Emirates will be eligible.

Over a million professionals are already publishing long-form content on LinkedIn, enhancing their personal brands and helping to shape thinking across their sectors. And few other industries have as much appetite for quality long-form content as the media planning agency industry. Your peers, clients and potential clients are on LinkedIn in their thousands looking for fresh thinking that can help to give them an edge. There are few better ways to put your credentials out there than by giving it to them.

Get in contact with us and we can share information on how to publish on LinkedIn, the content that performs best, and tips and tricks to keep in mind. We’ll also share our proprietary data on the topics trending on LinkedIn and the hottest topics we’re seeing on Pulse – so you can align what you post with front-of-mind issues for the industry.

At the end of 2015, we’ll announce the individuals whose posts have been most influential in terms of engagement – comments, likes and views – with an award going to one media agency professional in North America, Europe/The Middle East and Asia Pacific. We’ll promote the winners– and help them get their content in front of an even bigger audience.

For more information visit our website. To get started and enter, all you have to do is publish a blog post on LinkedIn. Tag your posts with #agencypublisher in the headline to ensure you’ll be considered for our award.

For more information, send a note to Click here for the full Award terms and conditions.