Introducing… Jason Miller’s Greatest Hits

May 27, 2016

Our new Head of Content Marketing for EMEA is already a LinkedIn legend, thanks to influential books he’s authored like the Sophisticated Marketer series and Welcome to the Funnel, and a content philosophy inspired more by Kiss and The Clash than by the conventional B2B playbook.

We’re thrilled to have Jason Miller take the stage to headline our content marketing initiatives in EMEA – and we wanted to give you a taste of the rock-inspired content wisdom coming your way. Here’s a selection of his greatest hits: content marketing riffs inspired by the marketing geniuses of heavy metal:

Track 1: “If you don’t like the world, change it”

How did Punk Rock manage to overcome the media’s obsession with disco and change music, clothes and hairstyles forever? Bands started to tell their own story – and do it with such flair that they forced people to listen. Jason explains why all content marketers should study the works of The Clash’s Joe Strummer.

Track 2: “The Bat out of Hell Strategy”

Meatloaf is the master of the ‘always on’ strategy built around a single ‘Big Rock’ piece of content that answers a fundamental audience need. In his case that ‘Big Rock’ was ‘Bat out of Hell’, and that fundamental need involved the timeless urge to “hit the highway like a battering ram on a silver black Phantom bike.” Jason explains why he’s bought this album 11 times already, why he’ll buy it another seven times – and what other content marketers can learn from the reason why.

Track 3: “Have you squeezed all the life out of that piece of content?”

Okay so it’s not rock ‘n’ roll – but the Sopranos did have a great soundtrack! Yes Jason – this was being recorded. Thanks to you, leveraging maximum value from content assets is now associated with gangsters burying things in the desert.

Track 4: “The difference between a biography and a memoir”

You only get one shot at writing your biography – but you can produce lots and lots of memoirs about different points in your life. Jason’s advice for rock gods turned authors is just as valuable for marketers looking to make sense of storytelling.

Track 5: “The Dude abides”

Just as the rug tied the room together in the Big Lebowski, so the humble blog is the element that makes your content strategy work. Jason explains why it matters so much – and why a blog should not be confused with a resource centre.”

Track 6: “A journey in Heavy Metal”

If you’ve heard Jason or other content leaders talk about the blogging food groups, then you’ll know about the value of mixing up light ‘raisin bran’ content with provocative ‘tabasco’, indulgent ‘chocolate cake’, wholesome ‘spinach’ and in-depth ‘roasts’. But you’ve probably never heard those food groups illustrated through heavy metal music writing. From the outrageous claim that there could be bands better than Black Sabbath to hilarious one-star reviews of Led Zeppelin IV, here’s how music journalists would put a content strategy together.

After kicking back with Jason’s greatest hits, I’m sure you can see why we’re so excited to have him join our team. Stay tuned lots of new releases coming your way – and grab the chance to see him live (along with Joe Pulizzi and Carlos Hidalgo) in the ‘Stand on the Shoulders of Giants’ content marketing session at this year’s B2B summit.

For more Jason Miller wisdom, check out our Tips & Insights section where you’ll find the full Sophisticated Marketers series of guides on how to make the most of content marketing on our platform.