LinkedIn is the home of thought leadership for the Fortune 500

LinkedIn is taking on a wider role for the most successful businesses

March 7, 2016

LinkedIn continues to be, by some distance, the most widely used social media platform amongst the Fortune 500. In its annual report on the social media habits of the most successful businesses in the US, the University of Massachusetts’ Dartmouth Centre found 93% of them to be active on our platform, significantly more than made use of Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. It suggested too that these businesses are migrating more of their thought leadership content to LinkedIn, abandoning stand-alone blogs to reach audiences more easily through our self-publishing platform.

“LinkedIn remains the most popular social media platform among the 2015 Fortune 500 by far,” the report concluded. “Businesses have set up shop on the site to tell their story, network, stimulate word of mouth and recruit.”

The growth in our self-publishing platform provides an increasingly popular means for businesses to help shape the discussion in their sector – and was picked out as one of the developments driving a shift in the Fortune 500’s use of social. The report noted that a two-year decline in the use of stand-alone corporate blogs, “may signal a shift away from more mature tools to newer ones. It may also demonstrate the impact of a blogging feature now incorporated in other platforms like Instagram or LinkedIn.”

You can find the full report on use of social media amongst the Fortune 500 here or view the infographic below– and check out our recent on-demand webcast for ideas on using our self-publishing platform as part of your LinkedIn Content Marketing Tactical Plan.