Missed our first edition of Live with Marketers? Catch up with the conversation on thinking global and acting local

Three LinkedIn marketing leaders take to our sofa to tackle the key issues for marketing that resonates across markets

April 3, 2019

Missed our first edition of Live with Marketers? Catch up now

Danielle Uskovic, Vidya Subramanian and Nico Lutkins: three LinkedIn marketing leaders with a passion for putting the audience first – and empowering collaboration across regional marketing teams to make it happen. It’s difficult to imagine three more appropriate guests for our first ever EMEA edition of Live with Marketers, which went out on live video from our Dublin office last week.

Live with Marketers is a format we’ve developed to take full advantage of the potential for live video on LinkedIn. It’s a chance for marketers to share ideas and insights live, uninterrupted and unfiltered, as naturally as they would when sitting down for a chat. With the opportunity to bring different geographies together for a shared video experience, it seemed right to focus our first Live with Marketers from Dublin on a growing challenge for many out there: how do you produce marketing that thinks globally – but acts locally?

All three of the guests stretching out on our Live with Marketers sofa have first-hand experience of this challenge. They’ve tackled the practical and cultural obstacles involved, and they’ve tasted the very real benefits when you manage to build a marketing organisation that embeds the voice of all customers into planning and strategy. Just as importantly, they are three charismatic people who are confident about sharing thoughts and opinions with their guard down – perfect guest material in other words!

Danielle is Marketing Director for LinkedIn Sales and Marketing Solutions in Asia Pacific, a hugely diverse region that includes Australia, India and China. As Director of Americas Marketing for Sales and Marketing Solutions, Vidya balances the needs of different regions while sitting in LinkedIn’s Global Headquarters in San Francisco. As Senior Director of Marketing for Sales and Marketing Solutions in EMEA, Nico is leading a strategy for producing marketing that doesn’t just resonate across the region but also identifies and addresses the specific needs of our key markets.

Click on the video below to watch Live with Marketers on demand, in full. You’ll hear me quiz our marketing leaders about delivering creativity that crosses cultural barriers, driving genuine collaboration between regions and functions, the practical challenges of video conferences across time zones (including the great pyjama dilemma), and the global campaigns we should turn to for inspiration.

If you’d rather jump straight to one of the key themes in our discussion then scroll down below the video and you’ll find my pick of the highlights – with the point in the recording where you can find them.

Please note you’ll find some distortion on the sound quality for the first 6 minutes and 30 seconds of the video (teething trouble on our first live broadcast), but the rest of the recording is very clear:

Want to jump straight into a Live with Marketers topic? Here are my highlights and the points in the video where you’ll find them:

Global marketing wins
The global campaigns my guests are most inspired by, including the secrets of Nike’s success, and the value of consistency over time for Singapore Airlines.

Find it at 3:00

When global marketing goes wrong
Words of warning from global campaigns that have misread local culture and damaged brands as a result, including Dolce & Gabbana, Starbucks and Pepsi.

Find it at 6:26

How to balance emotional impact and local relevance
Can you have high-impact creative ideas that work across regions – or are they inevitably watered down by the need to reach across cultures? My guests share how to achieve real impact on a local level.

Find it at 10:08

Structuring your team for success
Top tips for building relationships across regions, including managing those late-night video calls!

Find it at 13:10

Building a collaborative culture
It’s an essential foundation for bringing regions together – here are some ideas for making it happen.

Find it at 20:50

Over-rated or under-rated?
Our lightning round, where I throw the latest industry buzzwords at the guests and ask them whether they are overcooked – or underdone. Danielle, Vidya and Nico tackle personalisation, thought leadership, brand purpose and data.

Find it at 25:47

Audience questions
We fielded some fantastic questions from our live audience, including sharing budgets out fairly between regions, getting local marketers’ voices heard at head office, and working more effectively with sales.

Find it at 35:44

I hope you enjoyed this first EMEA edition of Live with Marketers as much as I enjoyed recording it. Keep an eye on our blog and LinkedIn Sales and Marketing Solutions page for details of our next live show. And if you’d like more detail on building global content strategies that resonate locally, don’t miss our Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to Global Content Marketing.