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June 16, 2015

  • SMB Research

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are driving Europe back to growth – and they are relying on social media to help them do it. With a third of SMBs now crediting social media with driving an increase in their customer numbers, it has never been so important for SMBs to get their social media strategy right.  We’ve just finished an in-depth survey of SMB decision-makers in Europe that can help you do just that.

LinkedIn has spoken to 1,390 SMB decision-makers in 10 of Europe’s key markets to reveal their most important needs over the next year, how they plan to use social media to meet them and the audiences that they hope to reach. We’ve put together Slideshare presentations of the key findings for not just Europe but also the UK, Francethe Netherlands and the Middle East

Our research has emphasised that more effective marketing, finding the right people, increasing profit margins and managing cash flow are all near the top of decision-makers’ agendas.

We also took a specific deep dive into how social media is guiding financial decisions and our findings have highlighted some interesting stats, such as how 44% of SMB’s are already using social media for at least one financial purpose.

For marketers across all sectors, we’ve included examples of the content SMB decision-makers are responding to right now. It comes as no surprise that best practices, how-to guides and checklists are the most influential pieces of content.  

You’ll find all of our research in our presentations below.

How SMBs in Europe are embracing social media [2015 Research]

How SMBs in Europe are embracing social media

You can also view local research findings for a number of markets