Mapping the influence of Millennials on LinkedIn

Our in-depth infographic exploring the role of Millennials on LinkedIn

July 6, 2016

Are Millennials taking over LinkedIn? That’s the question that springs to mind when you start to analyse the influence of those aged 20-35 on our platform. It’s testament to the hands-on approach that this generation has taken to building their professional brands, engaging with their industries and taking control of their careers. Some marketers may still consider Millennials something of a mystery to be solved – but on LinkedIn they are increasingly front and centre: tech-savvy, creative and with an appetite for investing in their future.

There are 87 million Millennials active on LinkedIn – and those Millennials are already exerting an influence that goes beyond their numbers. More than 11 million of them (12% of the millennial population on LinkedIn) are business decision-makers, and Millennials represent nearly 30% of those shaping industry agendas and building their profiles by publishing long-form posts on our platform.

Scroll down for our Infographic exploring a Millennial’s Magnetic Influence on LinkedIn – and you’ll find more details of the industries these Millennials are helping to shape, what they look for from their next career moves, and the types of content brands like yours can produce that are most likely to resonate with them.

The Millennial movement is building up powerful momentum – and it’s a movement you want to be connected with, whenever you were born.