Unlocking success for education marketers [INFOGRAPHIC]

The key take-aways from Education Connect

November 26, 2015

Education Research

Education marketers face big challenges when it comes to filling their courses with the right students: more competition, less budget in the marketing pot, and the financial constraints of students themselves. It’s essential to demonstrate the ROI that your courses deliver – but how can you do so, when prospective students seem determined to lock schools and universities out of a large portion of their decision-making?

Research from LinkedIn points to the solution. One of the key themes at our Education Connect event in London last week was the need to engage today’s empowered prospective students early in their decision-journey, which could start over a year before they enroll in a course, with content that talks to their specific needs and motivations for learning. It all comes down to putting the right content in front of the right people, at the right time. And there are more opportunities than ever for getting all three parts of that formula right.

You may have more relevant content than you realise

Education Connect featured plenty of discussion of the content assets available to education marketers today: the power of leveraging alumni networks for thought-leadership that talks directly to prospects reasons for learning; using LinkedIn data to evaluate the contribution that your courses make to students’ future earnings potential. As the stories of marketers featured in our panels showed, you may already have more potentially relevant content available than you realise.

As important as having the right content though, is knowing how to align it with the particular motivations of your prospects, at each stage of their decision journey. And this is where the potential for nurturing prospects using LinkedIn insight and data can add hugely to your marketing effectiveness.

Explore the four keys to connecting with prospective students in our Infographic

In the infographic below, you’ll find our four keys to connecting more effectively with prospects: understanding the growing importance of the shortlist, which 66% of prospects draw up before reaching out to a school representative; building your school’s presence on professional social networks, which are 3x more influential than personal networks when it comes to deciding on a course; the different decision-drivers of Millennials and Gen-Xers, and how to customise content around them; and the right content to deliver at each stage of the decision journey.