3 easy wins to boost your effectiveness on LinkedIn

January 28, 2016

As a marketer, you’re probably familiar with the concept of marginal gains. It’s an idea from the world of sport that’s readily applicable to business: you identify several small changes that will improve your performance, which add up to a big edge over the competition. Reading HubSpot’s new Ebook, How to use LinkedIn for your Business, I was struck by how many marginal gains are out there for marketers on our platform. A few small tweaks to the way you’re using LinkedIn can quickly add up to a significant increase in effectiveness. Here are three that stood out for me:

Optimise your Company Page for standout and SEO

Your LinkedIn Company Page is a great showcase for your business – and its potential increases the more visual and searchable you make it. Using a high-quality logo and banner image in the right size format makes a big difference to the first impression you give to visitors. And you can increase the potential number of those visitors by boosting your page’s presence in search rankings. Consider the most relevant keywords for your business and aim to incorporate them in the first 150 characters of your Company Page description. Make your page more searchable still by completing the company profile and listing the areas you specialise in.

Use LinkedIn Analytics to guide your content strategy

As soon as you start to publish updates on your Company Page, you’ll generate data that can help guide your strategy on LinkedIn. Click on the LinkedIn Analytics tab and you’ll be able to see which updates attract the most impressions, clicks, engagement rates and new followers. You can also dive into demographic info for your followers and Company Page visitors, to check which types of audience you’re engaging with. Once you know which updates are delivering the engagement you need, you’ll be able to optimise your content strategy on that basis. Analytics data is also a great source of insight for planning Sponsored Updates campaigns to increase the reach of your content.

Reach out to prospects through LinkedIn Groups

HubSpot really rates LinkedIn Groups as a lead generation strategy. They can help to establish you as a thought leader in your industry, provide you with a valuable source of content ideas and help you grow a community of advocates. Start a Group on a subject that resonates with your audience and you’ll also increase your opportunities to reach out to prospects, since as the Group manager, you can email members once a week.

These are just some of the easy wins that can help ensure your brand or business is getting the attention it deserves on LinkedIn. For more ideas, check out the full HubSpot Ebook How to use LinkedIn for your business.