5 reasons to rethink B2B brand marketing

Why there’s never been a better time to rethink your approach to building awareness

January 25, 2016

Brand building hasn’t always been at the top of the B2B agenda – but the more we understand about the changing buyer’s journey, the more important intelligent brand marketing seems to become. Building a strong B2B brand is often the difference between maintaining a pipeline of leads and leaving the funnel to run dry, between appealing across the different departments that influence a buying decision – and missing out on the shortlist. Here are five reasons why there’s never been a better time to rethink your approach:

Because you need to build awareness among more than just buyers

B2B branding campaigns can no longer afford to focus on just one target audience, within one department. Our new research into the B2B buyer’s journey proves that, no matter what type of solution you are selling, at least three different departments will be involved in deciding whether to buy it. Building broader brand awareness, and catering to the different levels of understanding of a range of potential influencers, can often provide crucial competitive advantage.  

Because you need to keep your brand front-of-mind for longer

B2B brand marketers don’t only have to build brand awareness amongst new audiences; they also need to maintain that brand awareness and engagement for longer. As buying journeys become longer and more complex, marketers must find new ways to keep their brand front-of-mind throughout.

Because context matters more than ever

Whether an audience is willing to engage with your brand increasingly depends on the context in which the brand appears. Research shows a growing gap between personal and professional social networks when it comes to willingness to engage with brand content. LinkedIn members are 27 per cent more interested in receiving brand messages compared to members of personal social networks,like Facebook and Twitter.

Because brand doesn’t have to mean broadcast

Brand building activity used to be associated with broadcast media. To build broader awareness you were willing to accept being exposed to quite a few less relevant people along the way. But the targeting tools available to modern marketers mean there’s no reason for brand building activity to be any less precise that lead generation efforts at the later stages of the buying journey. Through LinkedIn Display Ads you can use member profile data to target the right prospects at the right time of the decision making process. 

Because branding has a measurable contribution to make

If B2B marketers have tended to neglect brand building in recent years, it’s usually because of the difficulties linking investment in brand awareness with the leads and conversion on which their performance is measured. But things have changed. With marketing automation products, you can target prospects with sequenced content that takes them from their earliest indications of engagement all the way through to lead generation and conversion. Not only does this make it easier to measure brand activity’s contribution, it also gives you the data you need to optimise your brand building approach and improve your conversion rate.

Ready to rethink brand marketing? Our Brand Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Ebook is a great place to start. In it you’ll find full details of the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions product suite, and how it can contribute to brand building for both B2B and B2C marketers.