How does LinkedIn use LinkedIn for marketing? The Secret Sauce revealed

Get the ultimate insider’s guide to marketing on LinkedIn

December 7, 2016

Marketing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most powerful social media platform for B2B marketers. Over 94% of B2B marketers distribute content on LinkedIn, and 92% say they use LinkedIn over all other social platforms.

At LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, one of the most powerful marketing channels that we have at our disposal is…LinkedIn! We bring together our content marketing team, demand generation team, product marketing and ad operations to execute highly effective campaigns on our platform, and deliver the results we need throughout the funnel.

We’ve spent years refining our strategy and we don’t just help others advertise on LinkedIn: We’re a client, too. We’ve learned from both success and failure and we wanted to share our formula for success.

In our new eBook, How LinkedIn uses LinkedIn for marketing - The Secret Sauce, we’re offering a behind the scenes tour of our process—how we use each tool in the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions toolbox. This guide brings together the what, why, and how: Every piece of advice is backed up with practical examples from our team’s experience.

Download our exclusive insider’s guide and discover:

·        How we define objectives for marketing on our platform

·        How we balance organic and paid

·        What we’ve learned about targeting, testing and optimising campaigns

·        Our approach to bidding and budget management

·        How we built an always-on content strategy

If you have struggled with getting the best results from Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail, or Display Ads, this guide can help. You can learn how to use each tool more effectively, and how to strategically combine them for exponential growth. Download How LinkedIn uses LinkedIn for marketing - The Secret Sauce now and you’ll have the formula you need for tasty results on our platform.