Your Ultimate Checklist for planning Sponsored InMail campaigns

June 14, 2016

Sponsored InMail is one of the most powerful tools available to marketers on LinkedIn – and it’s ideally suited to campaigns focused on driving a definite action on the part of an audience. If you can define who you need to reach and what specific action you need them to take (it could involve downloading an eBook, signing up to a blog, registering for an event or getting in touch with your sales teams), then Sponsored InMail has a role to play. Our Infographic guide will help you make the most of one of the most powerful and precise forms of messaging on the web.

Sponsored InMail gets much of its power from its 100% deliverability, and it also benefits from arriving at the top of members’ inboxes when (and only when) they are logged into LinkedIn. It helps too, that LinkedIn data enables you to target Sponsored InMail at specific audiences – and tailor your messaging to address their pain points, priorities and motivations.

It’s a great set of capabilities to work with. Making the most of them involves carefully defining your objective and audience from the outset, tailoring your tone and messaging, planning a compelling onward journey for those who respond, and focusing on the metrics that are most relevant to your goals. Scroll down for our Ultimate Checklist for Sponsored InMail – a 3-step guide to success that takes you through the essentials of planning and executing your campaign: