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5 ways Matched Audiences can deliver higher lead quality and lower CPL

May 10, 2017

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The goal of lead generation marketing is never just to drive more leads. It’s to drive more leads that will be accepted by sales, more leads that will convert into revenue in the required timeframe, and more leads that will deliver the lifetime value your business needs. The ability to demonstrate lead quality and the ROI of lead generation marketing is increasingly important to B2B marketing strategy. And the best way to achieve it is by targeting the right audience from the outset. Thanks to our new audience matching options, LinkedIn is now the most efficient and effective channel for reaching the lead generation audience you need.

We launched LinkedIn Matched Audiences on April 24, and it’s already been described as a game-changer for driving higher quality B2B marketing leads at a far lower Cost per Lead (CPL). Through Matched Audiences, you can match your LinkedIn targeting to your existing CRM database, your website visitors and your target accounts. It’s one of the surest ways to boost both the quality and the efficiency of your lead generation.

In a Marketing Land post last week, B2B marketing expert AJ Wilcox explained why Matched Audiences are a far more valuable targeting option for B2B than the custom audiences tools available on other social platforms. Because LinkedIn is far better at collecting work email addresses, it’s much better at targeting lead generation campaigns using your existing database of prospects or account contacts. According to AJ, whereas other social platforms struggle to identify and target 15% of the people in a typical B2B marketing database, with LinkedIn they can be pretty confident of matching 75% of them or more.

That’s just the start, though. Targeting prospects who’ve already engaged with your business, and whose email addresses you’ve already captured, is a great way of reaching relevant people with a high propensity to convert. However it’s far from the only form of audience matching that can multiply the value and efficiency of lead generation on LinkedIn.

Here are five ways that you can start improving the quality of your LinkedIn leads, and multiplying your ROI today – all using data that you already have access to, or can easily generate through LinkedIn:

Target people who visit relevant pages on your site
People who visit specific product-related pages of your website are sending you one of the clearest signals possible that they have a relevant need, and they are actively considering you as the solution. Converting such buying signals into leads should be fundamental to any B2B lead generation strategy. Using the Website Retargeting feature in LinkedIn Matched Audiences, you can create an audience from the people who visit your website, and segment this audience according to the different pages they’ve visited. Because of LinkedIn’s effective email matching, you can then easily exclude any of these visitors that are already your customers, leaving you with a target audience of prospects with a strong propensity to convert. For extra precision, you can add targeting parameters using LinkedIn data such as seniority, industry and skills, to make sure you are driving the most relevant leads. Greater relevance means more Sales Accepted Leads (SALs) that are more likely to become your customers.

Reach decision-makers and influencers at your target accounts
Matched Audiences provides any account-based marketing strategy with powerful new capabilities for engaging relevant influencers and decision-makers on LinkedIn. Match your list of target account companies to LinkedIn company pages then use LinkedIn profile data to identify the most likely decision-makers at each of these businesses. When you target lead generation campaigns at the most relevant people within target accounts, you build on previous activity and increase your conversion rates. You also deliver leads that sales have already helped to identify as relevant and valuable.

Retarget the leads that haven’t converted yet
Those first two Matched Audience use-cases show how audience matching on LinkedIn can increase conversion rates for leads, and increase your numbers of Sales Accepted Leads (SALs). Because these approaches convert exposures and clicks to leads at a higher rate, they also drive down your Cost per Lead (CPL).

However, generating new leads isn’t the only contribution that audience matching makes to lead generation strategy. It can also increase the ROI of existing leads by retargeting with relevant content to prompt them through the conversion journey. Co-ordinate with sales to create nurturing campaigns for people who have shared their email address with you, put their hand up as a lead, but not yet bought your products. Increasing the likelihood of your leads converting drives up the ROI of your lead generation campaigns.

Cross-sell new products to existing customers
If you’re a business with a broad product portfolio – or if you’re launching new products into the market – then your database of existing customers is one of the most powerful lead generation resources that you have. Match these email addresses to create a highly relevant LinkedIn audience for your cross-selling strategy.

Tailor your demand generation campaigns for maximum efficiency
Effective lead generation starts with an efficient approach to demand generation: building awareness of, and interest in, your products amongst people who don’t know enough about them yet. Audience matching on LinkedIn can help here too. Use email matching to exclude both your existing customers and your existing leads from demand generation activity. This avoids you paying to build awareness amongst people who already know about you, and means you can confidently keep the top of the funnel filled with new prospects who will translate into relevant, high-value leads going forward.

Matched Audiences is just one of a new suite of marketing solutions that are designed to leverage the full potential of LinkedIn for B2B lead generation. You’ll find a straightforward guide to integrating Matched Audiences with your LinkedIn campaigns here. And keep an eye on our blog for more news, tips and advice about lead generation on LinkedIn.

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