Live Webinar: How to generate more leads at lower CPL

In just 40 minutes, we’ll explain how to use Lead Gen Forms and Matched Audiences to transform lead generation ROI

May 9, 2017

how to generate leads at a lower CPL

In the last few weeks, LinkedIn has launched two new tools that unlock the full potential of our platform for lead generation marketing. This Thursday, at 11am GMT, our product experts will host a 40-minute webinar walking through how to use LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms and Matched Audiences to transform the potential of both demand generation and lead generation for B2B.

Using Lead Gen Forms to boost conversion to leads
LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms solve one of the longest-running dilemmas in lead generation: asking people to submit their contact details inevitably results in a large number of drop-outs, and plenty of false information entered into lead generation forms. Gating content to capture leads means losing a lot of the leads that you could be generating. On mobile, this problem becomes even more significant, as navigating a clunky lead generation form on a smartphone is far from ideal.

Lead Gen Forms solve this problem by automatically generating a completed lead generation form using LinkedIn profile data. The LinkedIn member clicking through to your content doesn’t have to type anything. They just click to confirm before accessing your content – and you get accurate, in-depth contact information from your lead.

During Thursday’s webinar, we’ll talk you through everything you need to know to set up and start using LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms right away:

  • How to set up Lead Gen Forms for Sponsored Content campaigns
  • Best practices that are helping marketers drive conversion-to-lead rates 3x LinkedIn benchmarks while beating CPL targets
  • How to track your results and CPL using LinkedIn Analytics

Using LinkedIn Matched Audiences to target the most likely prospects
You’ll get even more value from LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms when you are able to target the prospects with the highest propensity to convert to leads. That's where LinkedIn Matched Audiences come in.

LinkedIn Matched Audiences integrates your first-party CRM data and account-based marketing strategies with the power of LinkedIn profile targeting. It also makes it easy to retarget visitors to your website, segmenting this crucial lead generation audience by the pages they have visited and their likely intent to buy. Because LinkedIn email addresses are so accurate, Matched Audiences are one of the powerful targeting capabilities available for marketers seeking to target or exclude the contacts in their CRM systems from lead generation campaigns.

During Thursday’s webinar we’ll be explaining how to get started with Matched Audiences and how to use their capabilities to beat your demand generation and lead generation goals:

  • How to set up website retargeting, contact targeting and account targeting through Matched Audiences
  • How to integrate Matched Audiences with LinkedIn profile data to target decision-makers at key accounts
  • How LinkedIn email data provides the most powerful opportunity for targeting the prospects in your CRM database
  • How to segment website visitors to maximise your conversion rate to leads

In just 40 minutes, our webinar will provide you with everything you need to get started generating more leads through LinkedIn – and lowering your CPL. Click here to register for the event at 11am GMT on Thursday May 11th. We’ll see you there.