Grow LinkedIn Engagement in 2018 with the Company Pages Playbook

January 18, 2018

LinkedIn Company Pages Playbook

What’s the simplest step you can take to boost your marketing success on LinkedIn this year? In many cases, I would argue that it’s updating your Company Page to ensure it is working for your business.

Too often, we see this crucial piece of online real estate treated as an afterthought. But LinkedIn Company Pages are powerful marketing (and recruiting) tools for brands. As we head into 2018, what better time to optimize yours than now?

You’ll have all the actionable information you need in the Company Pages Playbook, which comes loaded with actionable tips for getting the most out of your organization’s LinkedIn homepage. Applying these enhancements won’t take long, and you’ll likely be enjoying the benefits all year long.

Here are a few of the areas covered in the Company Pages Playbook:

  • Why your Company Page is important and how it can help your business gain visibility on LinkedIn
  • How to set up a Showcase Page for specific products or initiatives
  • The fundamentals of setup, management, and reporting for Company Pages
  • Tips for maximizing the success of your Sponsored Content and ad campaigns
  • Methods for boosting engagement on your Company Page
  • Guidance for creating compelling company updates, with best practices for copy and visuals
  • Examples of high-performing Company Pages (you can also check out the Top Company Pages of 2017)

Ready to take your company’s LinkedIn presence to the next level in 2018? Grab the Company Pages Playbook and get started.