The LinkedIn Content Marketing Tactical Plan

November 4, 2015

Content marketing is a go-to strategy in B2B today, entrusted with building brand awareness and generating and nurturing leads. And yet less than half of UK marketers feel that their content marketing strategy is an effective one. Recent research suggests that the problem often lies in the strategy itself – or rather the lack of it. That’s why we’ve created the LinkedIn Content Marketing Tactical Plan, an ebook guide to killer content strategies on the most effective B2B content platform of all.

It’s little wonder that only 42% of marketers in the UK feel that their approach to content is effective, since only 36% of marketers actually have a properly documented content strategy but those who do cite LinkedIn as having a critical role to play. According to the Content Marketing Institute UK, 61% of those using LinkedIn rate it as highly effective for content marketing – and research from Oktopost shows that 80% of B2B marketing leads come through our platform.

The Content Marketing Tactical Plan will help you build a content strategy to take full advantage of the opportunities that LinkedIn offers. In it, we share insights from our own specialist content marketing team, with advice on the best platforms and techniques for different marketing objectives, the types of content that you should deliver through each channel, and the frequency with which you should aim to deliver it.

In the ebook, you’ll discover:

  • Tactics for the full range of LinkedIn content marketing tools, including Company Pages, Slideshare, Sponsored Updates and Pulse posts
  • The content that drives the most engagement on LinkedIn
  • Action items and the investment of time required to succeed with different LinkedIn content tools
  • Your single-page plan for mastering content marketing on LinkedIn

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