Productivity Week: Recurring Tasks that Keep Top Marketers Productive

We Asked Top Marketers About Their Most Important Recurring Agenda Item

January 26, 2017

Recurring Tasks

Productivity isn’t all about being as busy as you can for as long as you can. That kind of pace can be nearly impossible to sustain. It’s a marathon, not a sprint; it’s important to set a sustainable pace augmented by strategic planning.

As part of productivity week, we asked some of our favourite marketers how they keep their energy up for the work week marathon. We wanted to see what recurring agenda items kept them focused, organised, and on the move.

Read on to see how they answered this question:

Thinking about organisation and productivity, what is your most important recurring agenda item? Why?

Pam Didner, B2B Marketing Consultant, Author Global Content Marketing

It really depends on what the team tries to accomplish in the context of productivity and efficiency. If the team is working on content planning, then content editorial and roadmap is a recurring topic.
If the team is working on content creation and promotion, content creation and campaign details should be discussed frequently.
If the team is working on tools and processes, then tool sourcing and implementation needs to be front-and-center. I wrote a blog about a list of agenda items to build a productive collaborative relationship between the Corporate and Local teams. The list of agenda items also applies to marketing working with any internal stakeholders.

Tim Hughes, Co-Founder, Digital Leadership Associates

“Digital Leadership Associates as a company get business two ways:
1. Through Referrals
2. Via Inbound
The referrals are all about us giving excellent experience to our clients. The inbound is about providing excellent content that people will find when they are searching for a Digital / Social agency to help their organisation.
The most important and recurring item on our agenda, then, is making sure we are creating excellent content that people will engage with. Partly as people will want to employ us to create excellent content for them or employ us to help with their social transformation plans, thus giving us ‘inbound.’ I guess this is called ‘eating your own dog food.

Doug Kessler, Creative Director & Co-Founder, Velocity Partners Ltd

Recurring meetings with people in the Velocity creative department are my most important things.
They're ‘just’ catch-ups but they always turn out to be rewarding and worthwhile. As an agency, we’ve got lots of programs going on with lots of clients. I could go weeks without catching up with colleagues — and that’s not good. The value is as much about keeping up with people as with projects.

Chris Lake, CEO & Co-Founder, Empirical Proof

For me the single most frequent recurring task is measuring the results of my efforts.
It doesn't matter whether I'm working on a new product, a marketing campaign, a project, or something as small as a blog post. I try to have clear goals in place with some realistic targets, as well as the right kind of measurement framework in place.
Measuring progress is interesting to a point, but task / project completion rate is only the start. I really want to know if the things I've worked on are performing well or not, and to understand why they're performing as they are. Did they deliver the right kind of results, or not? By digging into the detail you can gain insight into what works, and what doesn't.
And that's the fun of working in the internet industry... if you're sufficiently curious and keenly experiment, and you're able to measure the results of your experiments, then you can learn a lot. Sharing that knowledge both internally and externally is very rewarding.

Stacey MacNaught, Search Director, Tecmark UK

In terms of recurring agenda items for internal meetings, it's always "what's holding you up right now or taking longer than you thought it would?"
If we, as a team, can get everyone sharing little problems regularly, someone else in the group usually has a solution. So if they haven't already sought their help, our internal catch ups should help to alleviate little issues like that. That, for me, is an item every catch up. Staring at problems is a productivity killer! And we find that, more often than not, someone else who might not even be involved in a project has a solution to speed things up. Getting another set of eyes on something slowing you down is really important.

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