Start Smarter: 21 “Cheat Codes” Every B2B Marketer Should Keep Handy

January 23, 2017

productivity week

Right about now, a few weeks into January, is when resolutions start to falter. The rush of energy from the holidays is gone. The day-to-day has set in. Old habits lie in wait.

This week, we could all do with a pick-me-up. So we’re declaring an official Productivity Week on the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions EMEA blog. Every day this week we’ll bring you the resources, advice, and motivation you need to get your year up to speed.

First up, let’s make marketing a little easier, faster, and more effective. The following are templates, checklists, tools and quick reference guides we love. The vast majority are ungated and free to use. Get ready to add some bookmarks to your browser, and read on:

Content Marketing Strategy

1.       SimilarWeb: Content marketing starts with research. SimilarWeb can help you get to know the demographics of your audience—and compare it to your competitors.

2.       Keyword Tool: It won’t win any creative name contests, but Keyword Tool is a full-featured, simple-to-use second opinion for your Google research.

3.       SurveyMonkey: Go directly to the source for your customer research by creating surveys your current and potential customers can fill out. Free with premium options.

4.       Builtvisible’s Content Strategy Discovery Tool: This keyword research tool is a unique beast: It’s built in a Google Sheet, using macros and snippets of code to pull in data. There’s deep customisation available for wonks, but you don’t have to know code to get a lot out of it.

5.       Velocity Partners Content Marketing Strategy Checklist: Doug Kessler and his team at Velocity Partners are some of our favourite marketers. With a generous ungated offering like this massive collection of checklists, it’s not hard to see why.

6.       CoSchedule Editorial Calendar Template: Speaking of generosity, CoSchedule provides an entire collection of printable editorial calendar resources in a single ungated download. 

Content Creation

7.       Must-Have Checklist for Creating Valuable Content: As you move from strategy to creation, this infographic from Aha Media can make sure your content is findable, readable, understandable, actionable, and shareable.

8.       Hemingway App: Keep your prose crisp and clean with this browser-based application. Copy and paste your text—or draft right in the app—and it will identify opportunities to make your content more readable.

9.       Readability Test Tool: Webpagefx’s tool checks your text against multiple readability standards for a more comprehensive look at how accessible your prose is.

10.       The Ultimate List of Blog Post Ideas: Think of this infographic from DigitalMarketer as a set of templates for creating blog posts. Just plug your topic into the suggested outlines and watch your editorial calendar fill up.

11.       Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post: The pros at Salesforce Canada produced this infographic, an at-a-glance guide to laying out blog posts. It’s informative and pretty enough to print out and hang on the wall.

12.       The Ultimate SEO Checklist: On-page, off-page, and under the bonnet: Make sure that search engines can see your content with this comprehensive checklist from Leapfroggr.

13.       Your Hands-On Content Marketing Workbook: Our colleagues at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions North America created this set of content marketing templates and worksheets. There’s solid utility in here, served up in a light-hearted way that makes work a little more fun

Conversion Optimisation

14.       Peek: Peek user testing offers a priceless resource for those looking to optimise their customer web experience. Submit your URL and get a five-minute video of someone interacting with your site for the first time. See what they see, where they go, what makes sense and what creates obstacles.

15.       Usability Hub’s Five Second Test: We all want lower bounce rates and longer time on page. See what impression your brand is making in the first five seconds with Usability Hub’s tool.

16.       A 45 Point Checklist for Optimising Conversions: Conversion optimisation is a game of inches—small gains can add up to big wins. This checklist from Crazy Egg can help you move forward a few yards.

17.       A 50-Point Checklist for Creating the Ultimate Landing Page: If 45 points of optimisation aren’t enough, this list from Unbounce will help hone your landing page into a laser-guided conversion missile.

Social Media Marketing

18.       Stencil: Make social media images quickly and easily with Stencil’s templates, stock photos, and font libraries. Free with premium options.

19.       The 2017 Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet: Make sure your eye-catching visuals will properly display on social media with this infographic. Jamie Spencer’s guide covers everything from LinkedIn profile photos to Ello banners.

20.       Sensible Social Media Checklist for Business 3.0: Print and fill out this comprehensive template from The Whole Brain Group to guide your social media sharing for the entire year.

21. Sharing other people’s content is a great way to build relationships, offer value, and avoid seeming too promotional. lets you add a call-to-action to these shares, so you can share the valuable content without losing a chance to capture your audience. Free with premium options.

It only takes 28 days for a resolution to become a habit. Resolve to be a more productive marketer in 2017, and let these resources start you on the road to success. Tune in tomorrow for more productivity tools, hacks, and tips from extraordinarily productive marketers. Subscribe to the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions EMEA blog and never miss a post.