Switch on to the Value of Always-on

Our new Pocket Guide will help your content assets work harder for you this year

January 15, 2021

Switch on to the Value of Always-on

One of the most damaging myths in content marketing is that it has to be timely; that it will only feel relevant and have impact if it talks to the topics of the moment – if it’s hitched to the headlines of the day.

Our instinct to be agile and responsive is particularly strong at the moment – and understandably so. Events are moving at a rapid pace, with circumstances changing from week to week. It feels as though the best way to stay relevant is to keep producing new content that references what’s happening right now.

Amid all of the change, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that content does a lot of its best work over the long term. The most valuable content assets that you can create this year won’t be those that feel particularly timely this week. They will be those that feel relevant throughout 2021 – and throughout your audiences’ journey back to growth.

Always-on content that stays visible, and keeps reaching and engaging new audiences, is the best type of growth engine for your business. It maximises the return you get from the time and effort involved in producing each asset. And it enables you to play smart with limited media budgets. Because always-on content assets don’t have to reach people in a particular week or month, you can put lower bids behind them, pay less per impression and reach a larger audience over a slightly longer period of time.

So how can you build an always-on content strategy at a time when change feels like a constant? We’ve created a Pocket Guide to identifying always-on assets – and maximising their potential for delivering value over time:

  • How to build lasting authority with search engines by going deep and long
  • How to give your existing content an anti-ageing makeover and keep it relevant
  • The traps that leave content feeling old before its time
  • Why turning content campaigns off during holidays is often a mistake
  • The media buying strategies that unlock the potential of always-on