Act now to turn Sales and Marketing into the Power Couple

August 17, 2017

sales and marketing

New research from LinkedIn shows that there’s never been more awareness of the need for sales and marketing alignment. Sales and marketing teams worldwide are working harder than ever at making their relationship work.

However, our study also shows that the best intentions aren’t always enough. Like any relationship that matters, the one between sales and marketing requires commitment, shared goals and a clear plan for getting there. Those that have the right approach are able to unlock more effective customer acquisition, greater customer loyalty and significant improvements in financial performance. Others end up frustrated that, despite their efforts, sales and marketing can’t seem to click.

The Power Couple is our new eBook with the tools and insight you need to take sales and marketing’s relationship to the next level – and unlock one of the most significant competitive advantages available to business. We’ll be launching the eBook this month, with full insights and action plans drawn from our global sales and marketing research. In it, you’ll discover:

  • The benefits businesses are reporting from increased collaboration between sales and marketing
  • The risks of failing to move the relationship forward and how they impact your business
  • The biggest opportunities for improvement in sales and marketing alignment
  • The countries and business types leading the way
  • The changes that are proven to bring sales and marketing closer together – and the tactics that fail to deliver results

True sales and marketing alignment can make businesses unstoppable. That often comes at the expense of competitors who can’t take their own sales and marketing relationship to the next level. We are releasing this research next week. You can register today to reserve your copy of the guide, and be one of the first to discover how you can unleash the momentum of your Power Couple.