Introducing The Power Couple Infographic

Our handy visual guide to making the sales and marketing relationship more than the sum of its parts

August 31, 2017

sales and marketing

What separates the most valuable sales and marketing relationships from the rest? What turns some sales and marketing teams into power couples, while others just can’t seem to click?

The answers are in our new, infographic guide to the power of sales and marketing alignment. It celebrates the relationships that are far more than the sum of their parts, and it reveals how you can spark the type of sales and marketing alignment that generates unstoppable momentum for your business.

Scroll down to explore the triple-digit revenue gains that can result from sales and marketing working together more effectively, and the structures, strategies and important details that can help make it happen:

This is a great companion piece to our Power Couple Sales and Marketing guide that launched last week. If you missed it you can download it here today