Tune into the latest Live with Sales Leaders – it’s about Time!

With today’s sellers spending less than 40% of their time selling, we reveal the tactics that can help take back control of your calendar

September 11, 2019

Tune into the latest Live with Sales Leaders – it’s about Time!

One of the most striking findings in this year’s LinkedIn State of Sales survey is that the average sales rep today spends less than 40% of their time actually selling. Time is an increasingly scarce resource for sales organisations. Heightened expectations from clients and increased demands from within our own businesses mean that we have to cram more into our calendars than ever. Often a time machine feels like the only solution.

We can’t promise that the next episode of Live with Sales Leaders will reveal how to bend time or be in two places at once. But we can promise the next best thing. We’ve pulled together a panel of sales productivity experts ready to reveal the tactics and techniques that can help sellers do more with less time. If you’re aiming to build a more productive sales organisation – or if you’re simply a seller wondering how to balance it all – then you don’t want to miss this latest edition of the show.

We’ll be streaming Live with Sales Leaders at 10am BST on this Thursday, September 12. Register to watch on LinkedIn, tune in for an hour and put your own questions to our experts. I promise it will be a worthwhile use of your own time.

I’ll be joined on the Live with Sales Leaders sofa by LinkedIn Sales Solutions’ UK & Ireland Director, Rebecca Schnauffer, Lisa Cowan, the Director of Growth Strategy for EQGlobal at Equiniti, and Lindsey Edwards, the Senior Director of LinkedIn Product Management for our Sales Solutions and Enterprise Platform. Together, we’ll be exploring how to transform your relationship to time, and take back control of your calendar:

·       Ensuring that technology and tools increase sales efficiency

·       Building sales routines around proven productive habits

·       How leaders can better empower sellers to manage their time

·       The key to balancing intelligence gathering and selling

·       Accelerating the sales process

·       Building a culture that’s productive, focused and respects sellers’ time

Live with Sales Leaders is a fully interactive live stream show – and we’d love to hear your experiences and point of view on productivity as well. Register here to be a part of this week’s episode. We’d love to hear from you.