Nominate your sales heroes for the Real Faces of Sales Awards

We want to hear about the salespeople making a difference for their business and their customers

April 8, 2019

Nominate your sales heroes for the Real Faces of Sales Awards

There are outspoken salespeople who are confident celebrating their success, sharing their winning strategies, building their personal brands and giving keynote speeches. However, not every great seller is a sales celebrity – and it’s not only high-profile thought-leaders that the rest of us can learn from.

This year, we’re celebrating the real salespeople making a difference every day, through the first ever LinkedIn Real Faces of Sales Awards. And we’re counting on you to help us find them.

We want your nominations for the salespeople in your life that use craft and commitment to drive results: for their businesses and for their customers. You can nominate any salesperson you know, peer or colleague, who impresses you. It could be through their commitment to building relationships, their performance in acquiring new business, the way they maximise sales productivity, or their inclusive and encouraging leadership – whether they actually occupy a leadership role or not. It doesn’t matter what they sell, what level of seniority they have, or who they work for. They are the Real Faces of Sales we want to hear about.

How do I nominate somebody for a Real Faces of Sales Award?

It’s easy to nominate your Real Faces of Sales heroes. All that you need to do is create a public LinkedIn post, include a summary of who you want to nominate and why they are worthy of an award, and include the following important tags:

  1. Tag the salesperson you’re nominating using the @ function
  2. Tag LinkedIn Sales Solutions using the @ function
  3. Include both of these hashtags: #RealSales and #LIAwards

How will winners be selected?

Nominations will be reviewed by an independent agency, which will select 20 finalists for the EMEA region. If you’ve nominated one of these finalists, we’ll reach out to you one last time for a final statement on why their nominee deserves to win. Then, all finalists will be reviewed by a panel of external judges made up of industry experts. Your Real Faces of Sales nominee could win one of the following three awards:

  • Prospecting Star
    They target decision makers with laser precision, map out buying committees, and always know how to loop the right people into a meeting or sales conversation.

  • Insightful Seller
    They do their homework, and uncover meaningful insights that help them understand a prospect and their business. They know how to tailor a sales pitch that’s anything but generic.

  • Consultative Seller
    They engage customers throughout a deal cycle (and beyond), finding authentic reasons to stay in touch, and bringing value to each interaction. They remember details like birthdays, anniversaries, hobbies, and more.

When will we announce the winners?

We’ll be announcing the winners of our Real Faces of Sales Awards for EMEA online on May 30th. We’ll then be hosting awards ceremonies in Amsterdam, Paris, Munich and London. These will be fantastic and fun occasions. We’ll be inviting all of our finalists – and those who nominated them.

Why should I nominate someone?

Sales is tough. It can feel like a thankless task to sellers chasing quotas and keeping an eye always fixed on their results. This is your opportunity to shine a light on the salespeople who most deserve it, say thank you and show that you care. Not only do they have the chance to walk away from one of our ceremonies with an award, but we’ll also be celebrating them on the LinkedIn sales blog and our social channels.

We’re looking forward to hearing about the people who give sales a great name. Submissions are open now and will close at midnight GMT / 1am CET on May 7th. Nominate your favourite salesperson today, and visit our Real Faces of Sales Awards sites for EMEA, The Netherlands, Germany and France to explore how we’re celebrating sales heroes in your market.