Your handbook for the age of video selling

How to create highly effective sales videos that build your brand and generate trust at scale

June 7, 2019

Your handbook for the age of video selling

Modern selling depends on the ability to establish trust and empathise with others’ needs. Now imagine if you could start the process of building rapport before you even speak to a prospect, communicating your personality and expertise when you first reach out.

The good news is that a form of content now exists which enables sales professionals to build human connections at scale. It’s quick and straightforward to create, affordable and engaging, and it has a key role to play in the modern buying journey.

Welcome to the age of video selling. And welcome to the handbook that will get you ready for your close up.

Lights! Smartphone! Action! is our guide to video for the modern sales person. It demonstrates how a good-quality smartphone, combined with a few well-chosen gadgets and a little know-how, is all you need to create highly effective sales videos. And it shows how this type of personal, organic video content can complement your marketing team’s activity, build your selling brand, and give you a crucial advantage when reaching out to prospects.

Why modern selling needs a video handbook

LinkedIn’s latest State of Sales report confirms how today’s top sellers leverage sales technology, intelligence tools and social media to identify relevant opportunities at scale. It shows the distinct advantage they gain from in-depth insight: on buyers, on businesses and on the needs of both. However, it also shows that this insight counts most when you’re able to combine it with a human face – and a human connection.

Worldwide, sales professionals rank trust as the most important factor in closing deals – and over half of buyers describe trust as the most important characteristic they look for in a sales rep. As technology grows in importance, and a growing proportion of the buying journey takes place on social media, new ways to build rapport become increasingly valuable. The proportion of buyers describing “good charisma” as a key reason for engaging with salespeople is on the rise.

How video brings a human face to personalised selling

That’s where the smart use of video as a modern selling tool comes in. Used in the right way, video content can help to demonstrate how your understanding of a business will translate into a value-adding relationship. It gives a sense of your personality, your passion for your sector, and what you’re like to work with. It helps you to demonstrate charisma at scale.

Just as importantly, it matches how a growing number of influencers and decision-makers choose to engage with content. Forbes has reported that 59% of executives in B2B companies prefer to watch a video on a topic rather than reading about it.

All of this is turning the ability to create compelling video content into an essential modern selling skill. We’ve created our handbook for the video selling era to help sales teams build that skill.

Download your free copy of Lights! Smartphone! Action! to learn:

  • The different ways that video can contribute to sales, from one-to-one introductory messages to how-to videos and answers to common questions
  • The optimum length for video at different stages of the sales journey
  • Simple ideas for creating on-brand videos that are still authentic and natural
  • The handful of gadgets that can help create professional quality videos without a complicated editing suite
  • Strategies for distributing video to maximise impact – and avoid bombarding your audience

The age of video selling is here. Let’s make sure you’re ready for your close up. Download your free copy of Lights! Smartphone! Action! today.