Watch Me and get the results you need faster on LinkedIn

We’ve created the ultimate video guides to advertising, driving leads and building brand awareness on LinkedIn

July 10, 2019

Watch Me and get the results you need faster on LinkedIn

Got a spare five minutes or so free today? Maybe when grabbing a coffee at your desk or in between meetings? Then you’ve got all the viewing time you need to help you reach your marketing objectives faster on LinkedIn.

We’ve created Watch Me, the ultimate video guide series for marketers that explores how to advertise, drive leads and build brand awareness on our platform. Like the hugely popular Read Me playbooks that they’re based on, these insight-packed films have no spin, no fluff and no extended discussions of marketing strategy. They’re for marketers who know the objectives they want to achieve on LinkedIn – and they contain every practical tip and trick you need to achieve them more efficiently:

  • Watch Me if you want to advertise better on LinkedIn explains every ad format and targeting option available on LinkedIn, how to match them to different marketing goals, and how to bid for them to ensure you’re getting as much impact as possible from the budget you have.
  • Watch Me if you want to drive more leads using LinkedIn explores options for targeting the right prospects and combining inbound and outbound tactics, to drive higher-quality leads at a lower Cost per Lead (CPL).
  • Watch Me if you want to drive brand awareness using LinkedIn will maximise the impact of your existing brand assets and thought leadership through smart use of paid media and organic touchpoints. It’s the key to building levels of awareness with your most important audiences that can support any marketing objective.

You can pick the Watch Me episode that best suits your immediate marketing goals on LinkedIn – or binge-watch the entire series in one 15-minute viewing session. However you choose to watch, you’ll be better set to deliver the results that you need from LinkedIn. That’s because nobody knows more about running campaigns on our platform than we do – and we’ve squeezed all of the most important advice that we have into these quick-fire video guides.

Watch Me, advertise better, build more awareness and drive more leads – it’s a great way to spend five minutes of your time.