In this webinar, presented by Chad Bennett of Glint and Alex Purcell of United Airlines, you’ll learn how you can begin to identify the specific relationships between employee engagement at your organization and the outcomes that drive the business forward. Bennett, a seasoned organizational development expert, will explain how you can effectively use engagement data to predict outcomes, identify high-potential course-corrections, and empower leaders to take simple, impactful action and drive the business forward.

Purcell, Sr. Manager, Engagement Technology and Analytics at United Airlines, will relay a real-life case study on how their engagement data impacts their business outcomes. United Airlines’ stated purpose is to help unite the world by connecting people to the moments that matter most. United is delivering on its promise in a complex and dynamic business environment that demands the highest levels of safety, and seeks operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

It’s not easy and numerous factors, including weather, maintenance, air traffic congestion, etc., can impact airline operations and a customer’s experience from the moment of ticket purchase to arrival at the destination. But, because the airline business is a people business, employee discretion can make all the difference. So, United is exploring new linkages that aim to show how employee engagement drives improved safety and customer satisfaction, as well as partnering with internal stakeholders providing insights into the effectiveness of their work. How will United prove these connections? That is a question United is daring to ask.

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