LinkedIn Presents the Future: Employee Advocacy Edition

May 13, 2018

Employee Advocacy Edition

Editor’s Note: The post introduces the latest LinkedIn Presents the Future video, which examines what's next for employee advocacy. The previous videos in the series can viewed here.

Employee advocacy, which is the promotion of a company by the people who work for it, has always been important. A brand’s employees have always been its best advocates. The problem with implementing employee advocacy been scaling those employee voices.

Until the digital age.

What’s changed in the social media era is that those same employees can amplify their voices. The numbers tell the story. In the aggregate, the typical size of employees’ social networks is 10x the size of the company’s network. Additionally, the average employee social media post garners a click-through-rate double that of the average company post. In short, harnessing the power of employee advocates boosts a company’s reach and engagement.

Employee advocacy is only going to become more important for attracting and retaining customers — and for doing the same with employees. For the latest video in our LinkedIn Presents the Future series, we asked a cross-section of thought leaders about the future of employee advocacy.

Here are some of their predictions about the future of employee advocacy, which appear in the new video, “LinkedIn Presents the Future of Employee Advocacy”:

It’s in its infancy right now. I think companies are just starting to see the power. — Steve Goldhaber, Founder, 26 Characters
As employee advocacy becomes more important, what you’re going to see is marketers being more involved because really employee advocacy is a component of your brand. — Eric Martin, Director-Marketing Programs, SalesLoft
I think that your employees are your best brand advocates, especially if you're a vibrant company that has a great working environment, people love working for you then your employees become the best advocates that you possibly could have. — Gina Michnowicz, CEO, The Craftsman Agency
The future of employee advocacy really is around this idea of transparency because we can’t hide our employees behind this wall. — David J.P. Fisher, President, RockStar Consulting

Also in this video, Katie Barmantje, Senior Specialist, Global Social Media Marketing, Aon; Gini Dietrich, CEO, Arment Dietrich; Jennifer Randolph, SVP-Talent, Zenith USA; Andy Crestodina, CMO, Orbit Media; and Scott Shamberg, U.S. CEO, Performics share their thoughts on the future of employee advocacy. View the full video below.  

The Future of Employee Advocacy

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