12 Content Gifts to Marketers, From LinkedIn Marketers

A post in a series of '12 Days of Content', for marketers, by marketers

December 6, 2014

This week we kicked off a new series of holiday-themed content here on the LinkedIn Marketing blog to help you, the marketer, connect with others in your LinkedIn network. From holiday cards to a wish list of marketing books, the gift of content keeps on giving. And it doesn't stop here.

Today, on our 6th day of the '12 Days of Content', our LinkedIn Marketing team has curated together 12 pieces of content that they have found to be most helpful -- and that they would like to individually "gift" to you this season.

Whether it be a TED Talk video or an article published on the LinkedIn publishing platform, we invite you to use these pieces to grow as a professional and to share them with others in your network who might enjoy them as well.

12 Pieces of Helpful Content for Marketers, from Marketers

1. Simon Sinek's TED Talk, 'Start With Why' - Keith Richey, Director, Global Marketing 

2. The Story Wars by Jonah Sachs - Andrew Kaplan, Senior Product Marketing Manager

3. This article on the LinkedIn publishing platform: Marketing is Not for Me.  - Virginia Sharma, APAC Marketing Director, Talent Solutions

4. This report on "Getting the CMO and CIO to work as partners" from Mckinsey.  - Alison Engel, Senior Director, Global Marketing

5. I’m in the middle of a great book, which would help anyone in their business and personal decision making, called “Thinking, Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman. - Ira Amilhussin, Senior Global Marketing Manager

6. The Sophisticated Marketer's Guide to LinkedIn, of course! – Christine Cafiso, Event Marketing Manager

7. These 50 content marketing stats from the team at Newscred cover a wide range of data points for marketers to leverage in content marketing program sell-in as well as in their own content. – Deanna Lazzaroni, Global Content Marketing & Social Media Manager

8. I loved this post from Beth Comstock about selling an idea.  Often as marketers we are doing just that.  Selling a concept, story, something that has not yet formed into anything concrete but we need to do this to bring an organization, leader, team, along with us on a journey.  Her tips are a great guide to follow and a good reminder that sometimes, the last one, not giving up, can be the most important.  - Sarah Acton, Senior Director of Brand Marketing

9. I really liked Olivier Legrand's piece on the use of digital jargon. The insight about looking smart but potentially holding the industry back was quite profound. - Edward Bray, Group Manager, APAC Marketing Lead

10. You're not going to read this: an article on The Verge that impacted me most and that I think will be valuable to marketers in 2015 . Why? 1) It gives insight into user behavior on social networks. 2) It helps ground the content marketing discussion in substance and value add information rather than click bait. 3) It shows how the future of brand advertising on the web will increasingly be about engagement and emotional connection instead of impressions, clicks, and likes.  Will Hambly, Senior Marketing Manager

11. For B2B marketers especially: Welcome to the Funnel. All my friends and family will be getting a copy this holiday.  – Jason Miller, Senior Content Marketing Manager

12. As social media marketers, we are always connected and always available. But sometimes, we need to do this and it's totally ok. - Page Williams, Social Media Marketing Manager, Global Brand 

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This post is the 6th in a blog series helping marketers to celebrate the fact that the #HolidaysAreIn with others in their LinkedIn network. Check out more related posts in our '12 Days of Content' series below.