12 Trends Every Marketer Should Know About the Customer Journey

July 13, 2015

customer journey

Editor’s Note: This post was authored by Carol Krol, Editor-in-Chief, Demand Gen Report at G3 Communications

In today's B2B landscape, every stage of the buying lifecycle matters. That's why it's crucial for B2B marketers to understand their prospects' entire path to purchase to effectively engage and nurture them to a final buying decision. This year's Lead LifeCycle Series, a week-long webinar event hosted by Demand Gen Report, aims to provide tips and strategies to help marketers fine-tune their full-funnel marketing initiatives, from awareness to advocacy.

Here are 12 B2B marketing trends that will be covered in detail at this year's Lead LifeCycle Series:

1) Predictive Intelligence Can Help Boost Market Expansion

If done correctly, predictive marketing can boost your company's market expansion by uncovering new market segments that are more likely to convert into customers.

2) Organized Data Management Optimizes Engagement

Without complete control of your database, the marketing team will struggle with effectively engaging prospects at every stage of the sales cycle.

3) Combine Internal And External Data To Enhance Marketing Effectiveness

Integrating data from your CRM and marketing automation systems with web and third-party data can help identify the buying intent of prospective buyers.

4) Account-Based Marketing Goes Hand-in-Hand With Lead Nurturing Success

An account-based approach to nurturing can engage accounts and convert them to your sales team long before your competitors have a chance to win the business.

5) Spice Up Your Content Offerings With Video

B2B buyers have shown a preference for video content and this content format can help boost click-through and conversion rates thanks to the insights that can be obtained through video engagement.

6) Enable Your Salesforce With Quality Content

Sales enablement systems are a great for providing sales teams with marketing-approved content that is valuable to buyers in the latter stage of the buying process.

7) Predictive Scoring Models Can Help Identify Buyer Intent

Predictive scoring can help identify new leads, prioritize inbound queries and pinpoint specific cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

8) Make Sure Your Marketing Stack “Stacks Up”

There are a lot of technology options for today's B2B marketers, so it's important for you to understand how the processes and technologies fit together in order to make them work best for you.

9) Understand Which Marketing Metrics Impact Campaign Performance

Identifying which metrics are most meaningful to your business can help you monitor and adjust your marketing strategy.

10) Personalization Can Increase Audience Receptivity And Responsiveness

Especially when it comes to webinar registrations, you have to make the case to your target audience that the content being presented is worthy of their time and relevant to their needs.

11) Pinpoint Your Prospects' Challenges And Pain Points To Enhance Personalization

When creating content, these pain points can be leveraged as triggers to help move prospects further along in their buying journey.

12) Multichannel Nurturing Accelerates Leads And MQL Throughput

Many B2B marketers continue to struggle with engaging anonymous website visitors. However, a multichannel nurturing approach can turn those anonymous visitors into quality leads.

As part of the week-long Lead LifeCycle Series, Amanda Halle, Senior Marketing Manager for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, is hosting a webinar session on July 22 at 2pm ET (11am PT). The webinar will highlight how to use multichannel nurturing to quickly drive more leads and enhance buyer engagement. Register for this session today, and be sure to check out all the other sessions taking place.

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