15 Tips for Compelling Company Updates

June 27, 2013

LinkedIn has evolved into a platform for content marketing. With more than 225 million members worldwide, professionals are using LinkedIn to become great at what they do by seeking and sharing insights. On LinkedIn, marketers are able to build relationships with professionals by using accurate targeting to share relevant content. LinkedIn Company Updates, shared from your Company Page, are a powerful way to reach professionals with relevant content across devices. We’ve created these 15 tips for compelling company updates to help you drive better results:

Here are a few of the 15 tips you’ll find in the presentation:

Think like a journalist

Don’t bury the lead. Concise intros and snappy headlines are more likely to result in higher engagement. You only have a few lines of content to show your audience why they should care, so being concise is crucial. Grab your reader's attention right away by starting your update with your most important thought.

Make your content ‘snackable’ and valuable

Develop content that is quick to consume. Provide quality content that members will want to share with their networks. In fact, our data shows that the most successful updates include a picture, chart, video, or link to an article. If you do not have a link or image to include, ask your audience a question.

Extend your reach

Sponsor your best content. With LinkedIn Sponsored Updates (currently in a limited release), you can reach your target audience beyond your Company Page followers. So identify your top performing content and sponsor it!

We've created a content marketing resource center to help you get started with content marketing on LinkedIn. Check it out for more tips to assist you with this increasingly popular marketing strategy.