17x ROI? What Content Marketers Can Learn From NewsCred’s Success on LinkedIn

April 1, 2015

On March 26, LinkedIn hosted content marketing software company NewsCred for a one-hour webcast on how NewsCred approaches their own content marketing strategy and metrics.

NewsCred is a LinkedIn Certified Content Partner. They have also been a Sponsored Updates customer since the product launched, and now boast a 17x ROI on their LinkedIn efforts.

So what makes NewsCred so effective? Here are nine things they do well that other content marketers can learn from:

1. They invest in visual content.

Alicianne Rand, VP of Marketing at NewsCred, credits their designer and front-end developer for the visually compelling content that has become a flagship for the brand. In an era where the average online attention span has been measured at 8 seconds, a great visual commands attention and draws a reader in to read or view more.

2. They A/B test.

Alicianne counts about 65,000 newsletter subscribers and says that they A/B test every e-mail that goes out. Understanding that swapping even one word in a headline can drive engagement rates up by 50% or more, she sees this as a must-have for effective content distribution across all channels.

3. They invest heavily in top-of-funnel content.

Even though the NewsCred marketing team prides itself as being a key revenue driver for the company, they understand that you need more than just great gated content in order to earn leads. They invest their content creation efforts in direct proportion to search volume by phrase, meaning top-of-funnel topics like “what is content marketing” get the lions’ share of content production volume.

4. They rely on employee contributors.

This means they can produce more content, at a high volume, that is on-brand and relatable.They pay to promote non-gated content. Alicianne is aware that reaching a broader audience through paid efforts means you use that budget to both establish your brand and drive quality traffic to your owned properties, where, if you’ve provided a positive content experience, that traffic will convert.

5. They don’t count an email address as a lead until that contact has been nurtured with content.

Lead nurturing has taken a whole new turn since social media, retargeting, and sequential messaging capabilities have entered the marketer’s tool kit.

6. Despite their heavy distribution goals, they focus on content quality, not quantity.

They test a small piece of content, and when it gets traction, they turn it into what Jason Miller calls “Big Rock” content and then they make sure it gets distributed everywhere.

7. They measure beyond MQL (marketing-qualified-lead) to total lifetime value of a converted lead.

8. Finally, they don’t stop nurturing once a company has been sold.

They use content for customer retention, renewal, and growth.

To get the full story on how NewsCred created, documented, and measured an effective content marketing center, listen to the webcast recording.

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