20 Tweetable Quotes from Advertising Week 2014

A memorable multimedia recap of #AWXI

October 11, 2014

Last week, thousands of professionals gathered in NYC for Advertising Week, the world’s premier annual gathering of marketing and communications leaders.  With more than 150 events, the week was filled with a plethora of thought leadership seminars featuring the industry’s best and brightest.  The LinkedIn Marketing Solutions team was beyond thrilled to be on-site, live-tweeting at panels and networking in our LinkedIn Inspiration Lounge in Times Center.

We have compiled 20 of our favorite, tweetable quotes from #AWXI for those of you who missed the event and want to be let in on the insight or for those who just want to relive the enlightenment that permeated Advertising Week 2014:

"Create an environment that allows for people to fail. If you're not failing, you're not trying." @milesnadal #AWXI #INspireAWXI

“If you don’t break something, you’re not moving fast enough.” @JimStengel on internal innovation #AWXI #INspireAWXI

Excerpts from ‘Fast Company CEO Conversation.’ Watch the full session here.  

"People use content to express identity." Example: The sad cat diary: http://bit.ly/1pCAx9i #AWXI @zefrank @BuzzFeed

Excerpt from ‘The Social Experiment – Creating a New Model.’ Watch the full session here.

"We're in a content renaissance. But data without creativity is just noise." @JoshStinchcomb #AWXI #INspireAWXI

"We're early in utilizing social tools. We experiment. We give ourselves permission to skin our knees from time to time." @lindaboff #AWXI

Excerpts from ‘Storytelling: Digital Experience.’ Watch the full session here.

"Ultimately you create a platform of education & inspiration. That's how you build a brand." @jessicaalba #AWXI

Excerpt from ‘An Honest Conversation with Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan.’ Watch the full session here.

"Things your users are saying & sharing are better than copywriter content." Insights from social listening w/ @mikeglaser #AWXI

Excerpt from ‘Fans, Brand and the Holy Sh*t Moment: Reinventing real time with Google, EA, Heat and Grow’. Watch the full session here.

"When content plus native advertising helps professionals do their jobs better, that's what ultimately drives success." @jlisterca #AWXI

"Align ad product with the ultimate consumer experience. That's when you get ROI. That's something everyone can rally around." @JackK #AWXI

"The art of storytelling needs to develop independently from data. It takes time & talent."-Marc Juris, President @WEtv #AWXI

Excerpts from ‘Native Ad Forum’. Watch the full session here.

"Good content is good marketing for us regardless of the platform."-Michele Ganeless, President @ComedyCentral #AWXI

Excerpt from ‘Original Content Customers Will Love.’ Watch the full session here.

"Modern companies are in the business of monetizing consumer attention."- CEO @Fullscreen @gstrompolos #AWXI

"The key to content marketing success with this generation is authenticity." @GoogleBeau @google #AWXI

"It's power to the people and there's no going back." - Greg Manago of @mindshare on the new media landscape #AWXI

Excerpts from ‘Multi-Channel Networks and the Impact of New Media.’ Watch the full session here.

"Bravery requires you to be a deviant. A cowardly industry has no future." @cindygallop @advertisingweek #AWXI

"Digital media is not going to save our business. Connection, creativity & empathy is the only thing we have." @DeCourcy @WiedenKennedy #AWXI

“If the bar is low, but the money makes up for it, it’s brave to say ‘that’s not enough’.” @Ggrafcandy, #AWXI @advertisingweek

“In our industry, there are tour guides & there are makers. Push through the friction. Make stuff happen.” @droga5 #AWXI

Excerpts from ‘ANDY 50: Defining Bravery Part II’. Watch full session here.

"We conducted research on what makes people happy at work. It's not money. It's purpose."- President, US Media @Nielsen @lyndaclarizio #AWXI

Excerpt from ‘Inspiration. Innovation.’ Watch the full session here.

"Good content needs diversified distribution. Become an expert or partner with one." #contentmarketing #AWXI @ignitemedia

Excerpt from ‘From Start to Finish’: Content Distribution.’ Watch full session here.

Feeling inspired to create your own compelling content?  Download our Publishing Playbook to learn how to drive thought leadership for your brand. Maybe next week we’ll be quoting you!