3 Keys to Nurturing the IT Committee with Your Content

September 22, 2014


Is your marketing helping or hurting your relationship with the IT Committee – the diverse group of decision makers who impact IT decisions? Our recent global survey of over 2,300 IT Committee members on LinkedIn revealed a sizeable gap between how tech marketers use content and how their respective audiences prefer to consume it. If there is one, underlying message from the findings it is this: trust and credibility must be earned and, collectively, tech marketers aren’t currently doing enough to earn trust and credibility.

Here at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, we’re all about helping content marketers perform better at their jobs, so we’d be remiss if we didn’t find a positive use for our survey information. And it is for this reason we created the infographic, 3 Keys to Nurturing the IT Committee. Scroll down to view the full version of the infographic. Or, if you’d like the condensed version, here are three quick takeaways.

Key #1: Recognize the power of always-on educational content -- that’s not all about you.

Today’s IT Committee wants IT news and information regularly. In fact, 85% use social media for IT news and information, with 78% turning to LinkedIn each month. Our research shows IT Committees want to work with IT vendors who educate through each stage of the buying process via content that is neither branded nor sales-focused.

Key #2: Leverage the internal expertise you may not know you have.

Don’t undersell your company’s expertise. Only 12% of the IT Committee members defined an expert as having a title of VP or above, meaning your company can have many “experts” who don’t carry senior titles. Use LinkedIn recommendations and content to display your company’s expertise. Seventy-one percent of IT Committee members stated expertise is based on references from co-workers and colleagues, and certain IT Committee members show favorability toward vendors whose employees share content on LinkedIn.

Key #3: Don’t disrupt the IT Committee by gating content too early or too often.

On average, IT Committee members need to consume five pieces of content before they are ready to talk with a sales rep. Gating content too early or too often makes it far less likely that IT Committee members will continue consuming content from IT vendors. Thirty-seven percent are less likely to consider a vendor that gates the first piece of content, and 75% are less likely to consider a vendor that gates all content.

Read the full infographic below to discover more ways to cater your content marketing strategy to the preferences of your tech audience.

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