3 Most Valuable Metrics in New LinkedIn Company Page Analytics

August 7, 2013

LinkedIn Company Page administrators, rejoice! Last week, LinkedIn introduced new analytics to help companies better engage with their followers. I’ve been an avid user of this new set of data since launch and have found it to be a goldmine of insights that help me be a better admin. Here are the three metrics I find most valuable in my day to day, starting from the top of the page

1. Engagement % = Interactions + Clicks + Followers Acquired. In other words, of those who’ve seen my update, how many are engaging with it? I usually look at updates with higher engagement rates, note the type of content, targeting, date, and time so I can optimize around what’s proven to work.

2. Demographics – From Seniority and Industry to Company Size and Function, this is how I get a snapshot of who our followers are so I can tailor the type of content I share and the tone I use to deliver it. It also helps me figure out segments to target for Targeted Status Updates.

3. How You Compare – It’s probably the competitive spirit in me, but the ability to see how my page compares to my competitors is what I find to be most unique about LinkedIn Company Page analytics. These metrics give me an easy way to see how I’m doing and what I should be striving for.

Check out this Slideshare for more details on what’s new in LinkedIn Company Page Analytics:

So tell me, are you using the new LinkedIn Company Page analytics? If so, what metrics do you focus on? Let’s talk on Twitter @cheesycons.

Editor's Note: This article was an original contribution by Connie Chan Wang to the Business 2 Community blog.