3 Steps to Targeting LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

August 20, 2013

Picture this scenario: You’ve produced a new e-book for top-level executives. You need to get it in front of business influencers who are empowered to make decisions at their respective companies. But how do you find these highly influential individuals?

With LinkedIn Sponsored Updates, you can easily create filters that target specific types of professionals on LinkedIn, helping you ensure that your message reaches the right audience. Not only do Sponsored Updates help you get the word out to business professionals who will benefit the most from your updates, but they also serve to provide you with highly qualified, targeted leads.

How does targeting your Sponsored Updates work? Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. First, decide whether you want to include everyone on LinkedIn, just your followers, or just non-followers (if you are looking at an acquisition strategy, for example).
  2. Next, choose the location you want to target based on continent, country, state, or city.
  3. Finally, you can target by Company Name, Industry, and Job Title, plus a number of other filters.

Check out the video below to see the targeting filters you can create so that your Sponsored Updates get in front of the people who matter most to your business:

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