4 Things LinkedIn Company Page Analytics Can Tell You in 4 Minutes

January 14, 2014

As a social media manager, I know the work I do has incredible potential to drive awareness and advocacy for the LinkedIn brand. Through social media channels, I am able to establish relationships with professionals and engage with them through relevant content. But if I don’t know what content is driving engagement, or who I am engaging with, how can I understand how to drive results for my business?

That’s why tools like LinkedIn Company Page analytics are so important to helping me optimize my content on a regular basis.

For all the social media managers out there, here are four ways LinkedIn Company Page analytics can help improve your LinkedIn marketing efforts:

1. Identify the updates that drive the greatest engagement.

Gain deeper insights into your page performance with this LinkedIn marketing metric. You can evaluate which posts receive the most interactions (likes, comments, shares), clicks and even followers acquired all in one dashboard. This is a great way to identify which posts were the most engaging and organize your posting schedule to accommodate specific content types that perform best. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t receive a ton of likes or comments. Most members are more likely to click than comment, and if you’re goal is to drive lead generation, then company updates are a great tactic for you to leverage to achieve the quality leads you’re looking for.

2. Filter engagement trends by type and time period.

On the right side of the page, you’ll see ‘Date Range’ as a dropdown menu. The range defaults to 15 days. For comparison purposes, I like to use a 30-day month over month view to gauge how my content is improving each month. Identifying trends allows me to prioritize days of the week when posts are most seen and/or most popular, this way I can modify my upcoming month’s content calendar accordingly. Typically I find that our audience engages most during weekdays.

3. Get more detailed demographic data about your followers. 

Being able to get a more granular view of your followers allows you to tailor your LinkedIn marketing to key decision makers. For example, you can create thought leadership content geared specifically toward senior management, or filter by industry type and deliver relevant messaging to specific vertical leaders. If you’re a global marketer, like many of us today, you can see what region your followers are from and deliver Targeted Status Updates to reach professionals in these regions. Or if you’re looking to engage small businesses, our Company Size filter allows you to determine if you are reaching this core audience. Understanding who your followers are can help you deliver content that they want and will engage with.

4. See the growth of your follower base and compare it against similar brands.  

People following your company represent a ‘warm lead,’ which is much easier to convert to a prospect than someone who doesn’t know your company at all. Developing a robust follower community will make it easier to generate referrals and attain viral reach for rich content. And for those competitive spirits in the crowd, LinkedIn Company Page analytics not only allow you to track your follower growth but also see how you stack up against your competitors.

So, to recap:



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